Building the Perfect Bag | It Starts With Your Throw

Which one to throw?
Oh the choices we have. What to bag? What to throw?

In the Beginning…

Over the next several months, I’ll be conducting a deep dive into disc selection. I want to dissect how, in my opinion, to put together the perfect bag for you. One of the biggest weaknesses I see with most amateur and casual players is that their bag is in a constant state of flux.

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Stop Looking at Me Swan!!!

When you live by yourself, you end up doing goofy stuff that you wouldn’t normally do with other people in the house. A couple of weeks ago, Bobby at Dynamic Discs sent me a Westside Discs Swan 1 Reborn to review. I set it on my dining room table and every time I walked past it I … Read more

Slipping Into Orbit – The Latitude 64 Raketen

If you’ve followed me on line for any length of time, you know that I’m a huge fan of the discs from Latitude 64, Westside, and Dynamic Discs. It’s pretty simple reasoning for me. I like their consistency and I like their plastic. Out of all the plastic I’ve tried (and I’ve tried it all), … Read more

Just the Tip – The Disc is a Wing

My Dad is an airplane freak.  He’s like that dog in Pixar’s “Up” except instead of darting away and saying “squirrel!”, he says “airplane!”.  He’s flown model planes my whole life.  He even flew the real thing for a while.  For me, though, airplanes are more of a puzzle than an obsession. I remember staring … Read more

The Dynamic Discs Breakout

I first saw a Dynamic Discs Breakout as part of my player’s pack at the Glass Blown Open.  My first question to the people at the merch table was, “Do you have any in heavier weights?”.  Turns out the Breakout is the newest addition to the “easy to use” line from the Emporia based disc company.  It’s … Read more

Justice Has Been Served

Breaking story from the AP news wire… Today, a public outcry was heard from the disc golf community.   Disc golfers from around the country are rallying together behind a common cause.  They are speaking out in unison against a wrong that has been done to them over the last several years.  This outrage has been growing … Read more

Just Another Hero? – The Latitude 64 Spark

It’s faster than a moderately quick squirrel. It’s stronger than a stiff and blustery headwind. It spike hyzers over trees in a single throw. It’s not a bird or a plane…  It’s the new Latitude 64 Spark, Dave Feldberg’s new signature disc.  It has a snazzy, sparky stamp and a super heroish name.  I can see … Read more

Ode to a Golf Disc – The Westside Discs Bard

I learned a long time ago that the only time to make a judgement about a disc is after you, specifically, have thrown it.  Not before, not after.  The Bard would turn out to be no different.  This is the story of how I met the Westside Discs Bard. I had bought tickets to see … Read more

Just the Tip – Use the Tortoise, not the Hare

This weekend I played in a tournament where I got to see first hand how something I was taught a long time ago can pay off.  It’s something that I think a lot of people have heard, but not everyone does.  It’s the advice to always use the slowest disc that gets you to your … Read more

Are Lower Scores in Your Future? Ask the Seer.

  The room was dark and smelled of incense.  This was not the cheesy incense your college roommates used to use to cover up the fact that there was a 3 month old pizza under the couch.  This was the aroma of mystery itself.  Walking further into the room, a sense of something ancient overwhelmed … Read more