Two Simple Steps to Incredibly Effective Disc Golf Practice

Go Practice…

I talk about it obsessively. The pros insist on it. Everywhere you look, anyone that gives advice about getting better at anything, disc golf included, extols the virtues of diligent practice. That’s great advice. But to be honest, it’s also severely lacking. Those of us advising consistent practice often leave important details out. In many cases our advice to go practice can even do more harm than good.

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The Disc Golf Practice That Lowers Your Score and Makes Course Management Easy

Before you can even think about course management, you have to tailor your disc golf practice to the shots you’ll actually need out on the course. It doesn’t do anyone any good to know what shot you need to throw and then not be able to throw it.

The Disc Golf Putt You Don’t Practice Enough

What putts do you practice? Putting. It’s where the game of disc golf is won and lost. It’s the one skill that the pros practice more than any other. They might even practice it more than all of the other skills combined. If you are serious about your game, you practice it too. You might … Read more

Just the Tip – Try Someplace New

I’m spoiled. At least when it comes to disc golf courses I am. I am lucky enough to live 2.5 miles from an amazing course with 36 holes of disc golf goodness. Squaw Creek in Round Lake, IL is currently rated on DGCR as the best course in Illinois. It’s my home away from home. … Read more

Just the Tip – Give Yourself 10

At my home course, we have leagues on Wednesdays. I’m very happy to have Wednesdays off. This allows me to get there before they start and get some practice in. Being that it’s a very busy course, it also allows me to see group after group show up to get in a round after work. … Read more

Just the Tip – Bag Swap

Many of us are quite attached to our discs.  Ask our significant others and they might say our relationship is a bit too close.  Some would even say that we like our discs more than we like them (a possible reason I’m single, I’ll admit).  As a friend of my six year old niece might … Read more

Confidence is a Result

I’ve written a lot about the importance of having confidence.  I wrote a post about the “confidence circle” last week.  I’ve talked about it on my “Mind Over Plastic” segments on the Disc Golf Answer Man podcast.  I’ve made motivational memes on Intagram, Facebook, and Twitter directly referencing confidence.  What I’ve never done, though, is … Read more

The Confidence Circle

I’m guessing that the term “confidence circle” is something that most of you have heard of before.  If you keep up with this blog, you definitely have.  I use the term a lot because I thought I knew what it meant.  I recently discovered I was wrong. For those of you that haven’t heard the … Read more

Just the Tip – Learn to Straddle

“In every round of disc golf, you will have to straddle putt at least once.” -JohnE McCray And he’s right.  Almost every round, you will end up needing to straddle putt.  Out from behind a tree or a bush.  To give yourself a line to the basket.  Because there is something behind you preventing you … Read more

Just the Tip – Practice With the Locals

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As you know from any of my social media accounts, I’m here!!!  After months of anticipation and 9 hours of driving, I rolled into Emporia late Saturday night.  The place isn’t exactly hopping yet, but I am here a lot earlier than most plan to be here.  I have a good reason, though.  I hate … Read more