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Just the Tip – Practice With the Locals

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As you know from any of my social media accounts, I’m here!!!  After months of anticipation and 9 hours of driving, I rolled into Emporia late Saturday night.  The place isn’t exactly hopping yet, but I am here a lot earlier than most plan to be here.  I have a good reason, though.  I hate playing courses blind.

Over the next week, I’ll play in 3 tournaments.  All on courses I’ve only seen on video.  I got 2 solid rounds of practice in yesterday and that’s what I have planned for today.  One of the many nice things about being here this early is that I’ll get to practice with the locals.

I’ll intentionally be heading to the courses and asking to tag along with folks who live here and play here regularly.  No one knows a course like someone who plays it all the time.  This isn’t the first time I’ve done this.  This is how I practice for a lot of tournaments.  I’m always hopeful I’ll run into some folks who call whatever course I’m on their home course.

I showed up at Peter Pan yesterday morning and ran into the only real problem with this strategy...  I was the only one there!

I showed up at Peter Pan yesterday morning and ran into the only real problem with this strategy… I was the only one there!

The next time you are at a course that is new to you, see if you can find someone local to play with.  Even if it means just hanging out at the first tee and asking if you can join a group.  The things you can learn for the course regulars are often things it would take you many, many rounds to figure out.  Why make it harder on yourself than you have to?

One more benefit is that you will meet some very cool people.  Disc golf is unique in how easy it is to just walk up to people on the course and ask them if you can play with them.  I’ve rarely been turned down.  More often than not, you’ll make new friends too.  Add this to the list of things that makes disc golf awesome.


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