The Simplest and Most Important Disc Golf Skill

Not mastering this particular skill causes more added throws to your score card than any other disc golf related skill out there. Forgetting this one thing has contributed to lost league matches, missed ace pots, and embarrassing tournament performances. A lack of this skill has quite possibly resulted in almost every other disc golf scoring issue you’ve had for the entire time you’ve played the sport.

9 Disc Golf Driving Tips You Don’t Hear That Often

Disc golf driving tips off the tee

It’s show time! You are standing on the tee. Today you are playing one of the better courses in your area. This hole is a great example of why. The basket is not reachable off the tee. It’s 650 feet away. Good thing you watched that YouTube video last night on disc golf driving tips! You’ve … Read more

Just the Tip – Discs Don’t Have a Steering Wheel

The only way you can throw a disc is straight. Weird statement when referring to something that usually flies every way except straight.  I’m not talking about how the disc flies, though.  I’m talking about how the disc is thrown.  So maybe I need to change that statement slightly. The only way you can throw a … Read more

Just the Tip – The Disc is a Wing

My Dad is an airplane freak.  He’s like that dog in Pixar’s “Up” except instead of darting away and saying “squirrel!”, he says “airplane!”.  He’s flown model planes my whole life.  He even flew the real thing for a while.  For me, though, airplanes are more of a puzzle than an obsession. I remember staring … Read more

Just the Tip – Sometimes the Tee Pad is Wrong

“I know why your drives keep going into the woods on the right on this hole.” “Because this hole hates me?” “No, turn around.  You’ll see why right away.” As we walked up the fairway, him to his disc out in the open, me to mine depressingly kicked off into the woods, we both turned … Read more

Just the Tip – Ease Up Into the Wind

wind tree

I don’t know about where you live, but it’s definitely spring here in Illinois.  One day it’s cold, the next it’s hot.  One day it’s calm, the next it windy.  This is the time of year when every day off is a crap shoot weather wise.  The forecast could change several times by the time … Read more

Just the Tip – Learn to Straddle

“In every round of disc golf, you will have to straddle putt at least once.” -JohnE McCray And he’s right.  Almost every round, you will end up needing to straddle putt.  Out from behind a tree or a bush.  To give yourself a line to the basket.  Because there is something behind you preventing you … Read more

Just the Tip – Slow Down

Just the Tip Header Image

If you are a racing fan, you are familiar with the phrase, “slow is smooth and smooth is fast”.  Variants of that phrase are used in many sports.  I’ve heard it in bowling, ball golf, and baseball to name a few.  It might seem counterintuitive, but it’s true every time.  It’s not until a race … Read more

Just the Tip – Don’t Step on Your Mini

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Foot faults.  They don’t get called a lot in casual rounds, but they still bug the snot out of me.  It’s pretty straight forward, you have 30cm behind the center line of your mini to plant your foot when you throw. I kind of understand how this happens when people are using a run up. … Read more