Recommended Discs

Welcome to our recommended discs page!!!

There are a ton of plastic options out there. I know because I’ve tried most of them. I also know it can be hard to sort through all the possibilities and find things that are worth trying.

Me personal favorite place to both buy and research new discs is Infinite Discs. They have amazing resources for disc research, reviews, and descriptions. They ship amazingly fast. And my favorite part is you get to see the actual disc you are buying. No more guessing at what color and weight you are getting!

If you don’t want to sift through all that’s out there and want a quick and easy list of recommendations, you are in the right place! Below are my recommendations for discs in each category that I’ve carried, loved, and thrown a lot over the almost 15 years I’ve been playing this amazing sport.

Putter Recommendations:

Latitude 64 Pure

This is my favorite disc of all time. I have 4 aces with Pures (one tournament ace for $120!!!). It’s the disc I throw the most and the one I trust above all others. I putt with it, I approach with it, I drive with it, and I rely on it in the woods. It’s a permanent part of my bag and will most likely stay there for the entirety of the time I play disc golf. It’s infinitely workable and I can throw almost any shot with it.

Gateway Wizard

The Wizard is one of the most popular putters in disc golf. It comes in almost a dozen different plastics and you’re sure to find a feel and grip that suits your game. The Wizard is a beaded putter and is stable to overstable (as far as putters go). It’s not only great inside the circle, but can handle being thrown on both drives and approaches. An added bonus is that you can usually pick up Wizards pretty inexpensively most places disc golf discs are sold.

Innova Aviar

The original. The Aviar has been around longer than any other and is THE most popular putter in the world. There are several varieties. Some have beads, some don’t. All are great for putts, approaches, and drives. My favorite flavor is the KC Pro Aviar, but another worth checking out is the Paul McBeth McPro Aviar.

MVP Anode

This is one straight flyer thanks to MVP’s gyroscopic technology. Some call it a gimmick, but I really did notice the difference in both the amount and type of fade off of the tee. The Anode comes in some really cool plastics and my favorite thing about the MVP putters is that they don’t change their flight characteristics over time. Go ahead and hit a few trees, your putter will be fine!

Dynamic Discs Warden

Basically a Judge with no bead (I’m not a fan of beaded discs), the Warden is a great flyer off the tee. It packs in some very good glide and distance as well. Available in several plastic blends, the Warden is very popular among DD players and a great all around putter to have in the bag.

Midrange Recommendations:

Understable Mids

Latitude 64 Claymore

This is the disc I currently carry in the understable midrange slot. It’s one of the few discs in this slot that are flat and beadless, which I love! The one I carry is a nicely seasoned Gold Line and it’s almost magical. Powered down it goes dead straight all the way to the end of its flight. It’s virtually a longer Pure and that’s why I love it. If I put some power behind this disc, it will flip up flat, go straight, and then turn left towards the end of its flight. It’s very forgiving for an understable disc and tolerates some of my form issues well. I don’t have a disc in this slot that I would recommend more highly!

Latitude 64 Fuse

I had thrown a bunch of understable and high glide mids prior to throwing the Fuse, but the Fuse was the first one I really spent some time with. I really grew to love this disc and if the Claymore was not such an amazing disc, I’d still be throwing it. This disc glides for days on even a 50% throw. It holds an anny extraordinarily well. If you are looking for a great touch disc that will improve your throw by working with it, the Fuse is a great choice.

Discraft Comet

I feel compelled to list this disc here even though I didn’t personally like it. For me, it was entirely too deep and felt weird in my hand. I don’t like beaded discs on the whole and this one has a very prominent bead. That said, all you have to do is watch Michael Johansen play one round of disc golf in the woods to want one of these discs. If you are a Roc thrower and like beaded discs, there will simply be no better choice for you than the Comet.

Innova Mako3

If I didn’t throw the Claymore, and I was looking for an Innova equivalent, I’d throw this disc. It’s another unique disc in this class in that it feels relatively flat and low profile in my hand. It’s also the understable mid of choice for Paul McBeth. It’s one of those rare discs that simply don’t fade on most throws. Personally I’m not a fan of the feel of Innova plastic, but I know most people are. If that’s you, pick up a Mako3, you won’t be disappointed.

Dynamic Discs Warrant

I didn’t carry this disc for long, but it’s another low profile, flat, and mostly beadless disc. It’s got really great glide and will turn over for you right out of the box. Low arm speed players will love this disc for dead straight shots. Higher arm speed players will enjoy the control the Warrant gives without being too prone to turning and burning. If I found myself without my Claymore, I could easily slot this disc into the empty spot and play a great round.

Stable Mids

Discraft Buzzz

I got away from the Buzzz for a while, but it’s firmly back in my bag. I waffle back and forth between the Big Z Buzzz and the Buzzz GT. Both fly the same, but they feel different in the hand. I really can’t decide which I like the best so they get swapped pretty regularly (and many days I carry both!) The Buzzz is a straight flyer with a bit of dependable fade at the end of it’s flight. You can also get behind it with some power and not worry about it turning over on you. Many a pro player’s bag has included a Buzzz at one time or another and it’s clearly one of the most popular discs in the game.

Latitude 64 Compass

I carried this disc for almost a year before going back to the Buzzz. It’s a very reliable flyer and its flight is not why it left my bag. It has a slight amount of dome (the Buzzz is completely flat) and that was enough for me to switch back. It’s a little easier to turn over than the Buzzz too, which isn’t what I was looking for in this spot in my bag. Overall, I enjoyed throwing the Compass. It’s the mid of choice for world champion Ricky Wysocki, and that’s a weighty endorsement for sure!

Innova DX Roc

I don’t like the Roc, let’s just be up front about that. I don’t like domey discs (most, but not all, Rocs have some dome) and I really don’t like beaded discs (the Roc has a prominent bead). That said, the Roc is probably the most popular midrange disc of all time. So many pros throw and rely on this disc that I would be remiss in my duties of trying to help you play better disc golf if I didn’t include it here. If you like beaded discs, there is simply no better mid for your bag than a Roc. Make sure you use a DX or Star version in this slot. The Champion version is better suited for the overstable slot (see below).

Dynamic Discs EMac Truth

A more stable version of their popular Truth, the EMac Truth has taken disc golf by storm. I’m constantly surprised by how many players I see throwing this disc. Almost every pro on the Dynamic Discs team uses this as their primary mid. And I see a ton of tournament players bagging this disc. It’s reliable, can take some power, goes nice and straight, and has a dependable fade at the end of its flight. If you are a DD fan, this is your midrange for sure.

Overstable Mids

Dynamic Discs Verdict

This is the first mid I’ve ever been comfortable throwing into a decent headwind. It’s reliably overstable without being a meathook. It’s flat, beadless (OK, it might have a teeny, tiny, unnoticeable microbead), and my personal choice over the last several years for an overstable midrange. I own the Verdict in a variety of plastics and all of them work really well.

Innova Champion Roc

One of the great things about Innova is they have a lot of options. One of the worst things about Innova is they have a lot of options. Many of their molds vary wildly across plastic types and other variants. The Roc is no exception. If you have chosen a DX Roc for your stable mid, the perfect choice for the overstable slot is a Roc in Champion plastic. There is a noticeable difference in stability and a Champ Roc will hold up to a good amount of wind quite nicely. It will also fade more at the end of its flight, making it useful in situations that call for it.

Discraft Buzzz OS

As much as I like the Buzzz, I’m not a fan of how the Buzzz OS feels in the hand. It’s much deeper feeling than the Buzzz, has more dome, and has a pronounced beaded feel. For those reasons, I don’t bag it. But again, in the interest of recommending discs that will help your game, if you like that type of feel, the Buzzz OS is a great choice. It’s very overstable, handles wind well, and reliable fades at the end of its flight. It’s a great mid to throw on hyzer lines and will flex nicely on S shots.

Latitude 64 Anchor

Choice of world champion Ricky Wysocki, the Anchor is the overstable companion to the Compass. It’s profile reminds me very much of the Buzzz OS (which is why I don’t carry one) as does its flight. It feels somewhat similar to the Compass (it’s a bit deeper and has more of a noticeable rim/bead on it) and compliments the flight of the Compass nicely.

Low Speed/Fairway Driver Recommendations

Understable Fairway/Control Drivers

Latitude 64 Fury

This is one of two understable lower speed drivers in my bag. I won’t always have two, but they are currently fighting it out for a permanent spot. My home course is wooded, so this slot is highly used and very important to my scores. The Fury has been responsible for some of my most impressive throws on tight wooded lines. By varying the speed at which I throw it I can shape almost any line I need. It’s great from a stand still and it flips to flat and goes straight for days on powered down throws. Give it some juice and it will flip up and then turn smoothly. This disc has been in my bag for several years and the more I throw it and learn it, the more I like it.

Innova Leopard3

The flatter and faster version of the Leopard, I currently carry this in two plastics. The star plastic Leopard3 is surprisingly stable and is a laser for me that starts and finishes straight even on higher power throws. The g star Leopard3 is less stable and is turning into quite a magical disc. Thrown hard, it flips up to flat, goes straight, and then turns right late in its flight all the way to the ground. The pairing of this disc in two plastics has my Fury in jeopardy of leaving the bag. The problem is that I need two of these to do what one Fury can do. The benefit is that the star version is much more forgiving and I can throw it hard without worrying about it. #discgolfproblems

Latitude 64 Vision

This is one of those discs that’s been in and out of my bag for years now. I always seem to come back to it. Not as understable as the Fury, it’s a lot more like the Leopard3 with just a bit more fade at the end. At one time, this was also my longest throwing disc. I’ve got a spin dyed Gold line version that is just magic. The Opto versions seem to be a bit less stable and will turn more for you. I love the feel of the Vision in my hand and I think it will be a part of my larger bag set ups for quite a while!

Stable Fairway/Control Drivers

Dynamic Discs Convict

This disc has quickly earned a valued spot in all of my bag set ups. It’s a hyzer flip to flat and straight beast. With a lot of power, it will slide to the right a little, but always fades back at the end of its flight. It’s one of Paige Pierce’s signature discs and you can see her throwing it on many, many shots. It will handle a touch of wind (but not as much as I’d like) and it’s one of the most used discs in my bag. I carry a Paige Pierce signature edition Convict and have several backups ready to go.

Innova Teebird

I would be remiss if I didn’t recommend this disc. When I first started playing, this was my primary driver and I learned how to hyzer flip to flat with it. The Teebird is a unique disc in that it will handle all the power you can give it and, with clean form, it will not flip or turn over. Check the bag of any Innova pro and there’s a great chance you’ll find at least one Teebird in their bag. If you are looking for a primary driver that you can do a ton with and always rely on, look no further than the Teebird!

Latitude 64 Saint Pro

The stable control driver of choice forJohn E McCray, the Saint Pro is a reliable control driver you can throw in many situations. It can take a good amount of power and gives a consistent straight flight with good fade at the end. Similar to a Teebird, but with just a little bit of left to right movement early in its flight, the Saint Pro is definitely a disc worth trying!

Overstable Fairway/Control Drivers

Dynamic Discs Criminal

The overstable companion to the Convict, the Criminal feels very similar in the hand. Unlike the Convict, it is comfortable being thrown into a good amount of wind. It’s great for spike hyzers and is my new favorite disc in this slot. I’ve tried a ton of different discs here and I think the Criminal, although a new addition, will stay in my bag for some time!

Innova Firebird

As with the Teebird, it would be a huge miss of me not to recommend this disc. The Firebird is the single most popular overstable control driver on the market and has been for years. It is the disc that ALL other overstable control drivers are compared to. I don’t know if I can think of more than a couple of Innova players that don’t carry this magical disc. If you are just starting your search for an overstable fairway driver, put a Firebird in your bag. You will not be disappointed!

Latitude 64 Spark

A signature disc of Latitude 64 team captain and long one of my favorite disc golfers, David Feldberg, the Spark is Latitude’s answer to the Firebird. And let’s just be honest, it’s about as close to a Firebird as you can get. The difference is that Latitude’s plastic is sooooo much better than Innova’s (in my opinion). It’s grippier, the runs are more consistent, and it comes in better colors! (Please hold your hate mail, I know some of you like the Innova stuff better.)

Distance Driver Recommendations

Understable Distance Drivers

Westside Discs Destiny

This is my current choice for a long bomber or a turnover disc. Thrown with hyzer and some height (the key to getting max D), the Destiny will turn over and glide to the right for what seems like days and days. With enough height, it always comes back at the end. The Destiny is currently the longest disc I’ve thrown and I can reliably put this out to 390′-410′ if I’ve been playing consistently. Not for headwinds or shots with tight fairways, as is the case with all of the understable distance driver recommendations.

Latitude 64 Havoc

The disc that taught me how to throw an understable high speed driver for distance. A few years back I was throwing the Havoc a lot in tournaments and it was a common occurrence for people in my group to buy one after the round. It does take some touch, but that’s part of why it taught me so well. It’s also nice if your arm speed is juuuust high enough to start throwing this type of disc. If you are just starting to get that 360′ plus distance, the Havoc would be an amazing first long distance driver!

Innova Shryke

This one is a little domey for my taste, but I’ve watched enough people absolutely bomb this disc to make it a strong recommendation here. The Shryke is an ultra fast speed driver with a ton of glide. It has lots of lateral movement like all of the discs in this category but always seems to come back and fade at the end of its flight. If you are an Innova fan and are looking for what is possibly their farthest flying disc, the Shryke is it!

Stable Distance Drivers

Dynamic Discs Trespass

Not the fastest rated disc in this category, but still one of the longest discs in my bag. In fact, this is the driver that I throw the most out of all I carry. If I’m playing a limited disc round, the Trespass is ALWAYS my driver of choice. Hyzers, hyzer flips, turn over shots, long anhyzers, it does it all. It will handle a fair amount of wind when thrown with hyzer. It’s also my most accurate driver. I absolutely love my Trespasses. I’ve tried every plastic and weight several times over and I can’t recommend Moonshine plastic in about the 171g range high enough!!!

Innova Destroyer

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… One of the biggest reasons I don’t throw Innova is that there is such a huge variance of flight patterns within the same mold. No mold illustrates this better than the Destroyer. You can find everything from an understable turn over machine to an incredibly beefy overstable headwind disc. And there are about 50 versions in between. It drives me nuts that they don’t seem to care about consistency within a mold or across runs. But aside from that, if you can find stable Destroyers, you’ll be in love. If I didn’t throw the Trespass, this is what would be in my bag. There’s a reason that virtually every single Innova pro throws these.

Discraft Avenger

I’ll always have a special place in my heart for this disc. After receiving an Avenger in a player’s pack for a tournament many years ago, it went into my bag after the very first throw. Up until this time, I had been throwing primarily Teebirds and Valkyries. The Avenger was noticeably longer and really reminded me of a much longer Teebird. It was relatively easy to hyzer flip and just stood up and flew a long, long way. This disc is often overlooked because it’s just not new and sexy anymore, but if you want a secret weapon that no one else carries, the Avenger could certainly fill that need.

Overstable Distance Drivers

Westside Discs World

I’m not sure why, but I keep taking this disc out to try other things and after about a week or so, it goes right back in. I absolutely love this disc. Lat 64 team captain Dave Feldberg traditionally is seen carrying quite a few of these in different stages of wear. The World is super fast and cuts through wind like a champ. It’s low profile with a really wide rim, so be warned. I love this type of disc and how it feels in my hand, but some may not. If I’m carrying a full size bag or my cart, I’ll regularly have 2-3 Worlds in my bag. They are great for long bomb hyzers and they are my disc of choice in all but the most severe wind.

Dynamic Discs Defender

I was unsure whether or not to recommend the Defender or the Enforcer here, but I think between the two, the Defender is the better disc. It can handle a ton of power, has great glide for an overstable disc, and has a more manageable feeling rim than the World does. It has fast become the overstable distance driver of choice for many of team Dynamic Discs top players like Paige Pierce and Eric McCabe.

Discraft Force

Like the Avenger, this disc has lost its sex appeal with age. But when it came out, it was THE distance driver of choice for big arm throwers looking for and overstable distance disc. Virtually every Discraft team player at the time threw this disc. It’s amazing in the wind, gets good distance, and has great glide. The Force would be a great addition to your bag if you need an overstable distance disc.

Utility Discs

These are discs that don’t fit well in any of the above categories. They aren’t used often. They take up extra space in your bag. If you are carrying a small bag with limited discs, you don’t use them. But all that said, when you need them you are extremely happy to have them. These discs have saved my bacon on many occasions. If I’m carrying my full size bag or my cart, one or more of these discs is ALWAYS in the bag.

Dynamic Discs Justice

Quite simply, THE MOST OVERSTABLE DISC MADE. It goes left. That’s it. The Justice can handle any wind, any amount of power, and will always fade no matter what. It’s dependable, consistent, and can do things no other disc can do. Crazy flexing S shots are a breeze with this. Hard left turns are a piece of cake. Forehand flick approaches are now a weapon for you. If you carry only one utility disc, the Justice is the clear choice. Put one in your bag today, you absolutely will not regret it!

Latitude 64 Stiletto

When the wind is howling, you need a Stiletto. It’s basically the driver version of the Justice. It’s definitely the single most overstable driver I’ve thrown. It will handle any wind. For most players, it’s only throwable in a serious headwind. I don’t always have one in my bag, but if I decide to go out and play in a hurricane, this is the disc I take.

Innova Banshee

It’s a driver. No, it’s a midrange. No, it’s a driver. Well, whatever you call it, the Banshee can come in handy quite a bit. With the distance potential of a long midrange and the feel of a driver, the Banshee is a great disc to have in your bag if you only have room for one wind disc. It can cover both the overstable driver and mid slot with one mold. It has a nice, smaller sized rim and feels great in the hand.

***As a note, if it wasn’t discontinued, I’d rather recommend a Latitude 64 Trident in this spot. It’s what I carry and have carried for years. It’s an amazing disc and I wonder to this day why in the world it would be discontinued. If you can find one, try it out!

Prodiscus Jokeri

There are several great choices in the category of uber overstable putt and approach disc. All of them seem to be pretty solid discs. The Discraft Zone, Westside Harp, and even the Dynamic Discs Suspect (a bit more of a mid, but used for the same shots) have all filled this slot for me at one time or another. Of the ones I’ve tried, the Jokeri is by far my favorite. Clean releases, reliable flight, and really sweet plastic combine to make this a great approach disc and high wind putter.