Just the Tip – Try Someplace New

back fairway

One of the long par 4’s in the woods at Squaw Creek. If you haven’t been here, you want to come, trust me!

I’m spoiled. At least when it comes to disc golf courses I am. I am lucky enough to live 2.5 miles from an amazing course with 36 holes of disc golf goodness. Squaw Creek in Round Lake, IL is currently rated on DGCR as the best course in Illinois. It’s my home away from home.

Ever since they revamped this course from the mediocre 18 holes it used to be into the 36 holes of championship caliber disc golf it is today, I haven’t had much of a reason to travel or go elsewhere to play. Not until recently, anyway.

One of my goals for this summer was to meet and play disc golf with as many new people as possible. It’s been a very fun summer and I’ve met some very cool people. Some have even become regular playing partners and new friends. Doing this has required me to travel away from Squaw Creek to play. I’m loving it.

What I didn’t realize had happened over the last two years is that I have grown used to my new home stomping grounds. I wouldn’t say I take it for granted, but it has become warm and familiar to me. It’s lost some of that new car smell. What I’ve forgotten is just how good for my game it is to play at a new course.

Here’s a short list of why you should get into the car this weekend and make an effort to play someplace new:

  1. It reminds you of what it’s like to be new to the sport again. It puts you on new and unfamiliar ground where you don’t just walk up and automatically grab the disc you always throw.
  2. It forces you to throw lines you don’t normally throw. You will be presented with shots that you normally never have to attempt. The more different kinds of shots you have to throw, the better you will become.
  3. It allows you to play with people you might not regularly get to play with because they live a little ways away from you. Offering to “meet in the middle” somewhere is a great way to stay in touch with some of your less seen disc golf friends.
  4. It makes you use discs you might not normally throw that much. Disc X that never seems to come out of your bag might become your go to disc on a new course. It’s a great way to learn your lesser used discs more thoroughly.
  5. It’s fun. I mean come on folks, do I really need to give you a list of reasons to go play a new course?! This in and of itself should be more than enough motivation.

So stop making excuses. Stop filling your days off with other stuff that keeps you too busy. Summer is already more than half over. Make time and plans to go someplace new to play and do it soon! You’ll be thankful and happy that you did.

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