Mind Body Disc Survey Results and Winner!!!

The results are in and my first attempt at a survey was a success! 172 of you took the time to take the 10 question survey. I want to thank each and every one of you for your time.

Let’s get the announcement of the winner out the way first. Congrats to Nance Collins for winning the Sony MP3 player headphones. These are perfect for the course and I’m sure they’ll be enjoyed. Oh, and I never mentioned, I’ve got another pair to give away down the road so keep your eyes peeled if you didn’t win this time!

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Now let’s take a look at the survey results and what they might mean for Mind Body Disc and for you, the fans.

As I write this post (8/15/2015) Mind Body disc has 600 blog subscribers, 3000 Instagram followers, 725 FaceBook fans, and 746 Twitter followers. This blog gets about 5,500 unique visitors and 20,000 page views every month.

First let me say, “Holy Crap!!!!”. To think that that many of my fellow disc golfers find value in what I’m doing makes me pee myself a little bit every time I hit “publish” or “post”.

Second, a virtual high five to all of you! Each and every one of you rock! Your presence has opened up some possibilities in my life that I previously could only have dreamed of. I hope that as my audience continues to grow that I can make each of your lives just a little bit  better every time I touch it.

Now, on to the survey results…

1. What is your age?

34.68% are 25-34
28.32% are 35-44
12.72% are 18-24
10.98% are 45-54
6.36% are under 18
5.78% are 55-64
1.16% are 65-74

2. How long have you been playing disc golf?

31.79% – 2-5 years
20.81% – 1-2 years
19.08% – 10+ years
15.03% – less than a year
13.29% – 5-10 years

Those first two questions show that Mind Body Disc appeals to a much broader range of disc golfers than I would have guessed. I’m thrilled with these results as my goal is to not only reach as many people as possible, but to provide value to as many disc golfers as possible. I’ve always tried to find ways to help those that have just started, those that have been playing for a long time, and everyone in between.

3. How often do you play disc golf?

58.38% – 2-3 times per week
17.34% – once per week
16.76% – 5 times or more per week
7.51% – other (this ranged from once a month to every day)

Basically, you all play a lot of disc golf!

4. How did you find out about Mind Body Disc?

By far, most people came from Instagram. That’s really no surprise as that’s where I’ve been active the longest and where I have the most followers. It helps that I’m as passionate about photography as I am about disc golf.

5. Where do you follow Mind Body Disc?

Again, Instagram rules here. It’s followed closely by Facebook. Next up are the podcasts. A distant last is Twitter. Which makes me want to ask whether Twitter is just too noisy, my content isn’t valuable there, or people are just over Twitter.

6. Would you pay to subscribe to a really good disc golf magazine?

56.98% said yes.
16.86% said no.
26.16% said it depends.
The “it depends” answers revolved largely around what “really good” means.

Well, the cats out of the bag now! Get ready because in the late spring, early summer of 2016 I’ll be releasing the Mind Body Disc magazine! It will be a monthly digital format magazine and it will definitely have almost all of the elements that the people who said “it depends” said they would want. This project has been in the works for a while and every time I think about it I smile. It’s gonna be awesome, I promise. Our sport deserves a great magazine. I got tired of waiting for one to come out so I’m doing it myself.

If anyone thinks they have what it takes to contribute, please email me at mindbodydisc@gmail.com

7. What features would make a disc golf magazine worth subscribing to?

-Overwhelmingly “great pictures” was the response. This will definitely be a large part of the publication I’m planning on producing!
-Coming in seconds was tips. Clearly the magazine should help you get better at disc golf. More specifically, people asked for tips from the pros. This is definitely in the plans.
-Third most requested was coupons and discounts. This is honestly something I hadn’t thought about but will definitely be taking into account. A lot of you asked for this.
-In depth interviews with pros was next. This is also something I have planned. I’m hoping to make this a multimedia magazine so I want to include audio which is the format I think interviews come across best in. I also want to get past the typical fluff type interviews you find in many places.
-Fifth most requested was disc and equipment reviews. This is a given and will for sure be in the zine.
-The next most popular request was to just keep it interesting and not the same old stuff you find anywhere. Hopefully you have seen that this is exactly what the Mind Body Disc brand is about!

One thing that quite a few people requested was tournament schedules and recaps. I’m just going to say up front that this type of thing won’t go in the magazine. First, that stuff is found in lots of other places. Second, it’s honestly kind of boring. I’m not saying it’s not worthwhile at all, I’m just saying I don’t think it will fit within the vision that I have for this project.

8. What kind of Mind Body Disc merchandise would you want to see?

Apparently everything on the list and then some. I’ve got some work to do. What I want to make sure of, though, is that I never come across as someone looking to peddle crap to make a buck. I only want to release stuff that I would be excited to wear myself. That means that I have some graphic design work to do before some things can come out. It is coming, though. I promise.

I also want to thank everyone who has proactively asked for this stuff because they want to support the ideas that I’m putting out there. I can’t tell you how great that makes me feel!

9. What are the most beneficial parts of Mind Body Disc to you?

39.18% – Tips
30.41% – Instagram feed
28.65% – Wisdom Wednesday
27.49% – Disc reviews
26.32% – Product reviews
19.88% – Mind Over Plastic
16.37% – Long form blog posts
14.62% – Zen disc golf podcast
Facebook and Twitter fall flat in last place by quite a bit.

This helped me a lot. I’ll be cutting back some of the content because I simply need to create more time to work on the magazine. Just the Tip and Wisdom Wednesday will for sure continue. So will the podcasts. I’ll probably do more reviews and less longer weekend articles. I need to start saving some of the longer form stuff for the magazine anyway.

I’m going to totally rethink Facebook and Twitter. Not sure what to do there, but changes will be made.

So what’s it all mean???

Well, it’s a lot of data to digest. But basically it means that you guys really like some of the things I do and are pretty luke warm about other stuff. I want to do more of the stuff you like and less of the stuff you don’t. Pretty simple, right?

I’m super stoked about the magazine and can’t wait to bring it out. Right now it’s looking like April would be the earliest I can release an issue. It will more likely be May or June. It will be digital and it will be monthly. Print may come later on down the road, but I spend a small fortune in my own money on Mind Body Disc as it is and I just can’t afford the cost at this time.

I welcome all suggestions and feedback. This magazine will be for you. Let’s make it awesome together!


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