Just the Tip – Bag Swap

Just the Tip Header ImageMany of us are quite attached to our discs.  Ask our significant others and they might say our relationship is a bit too close.  Some would even say that we like our discs more than we like them (a possible reason I’m single, I’ll admit).  As a friend of my six year old niece might say, “If you like them so much, why don’t you marry them?!”

Well, you little brat, because they aren’t people first of all.  And second of all, sometimes I like to swap them with my friends.  You can’t really do that with spouses.  Well not unless you are on a reality TV or show or maybe live in California.

It’s almost blasphemous to say, but sometimes I find myself playing so much disc golf that it gets a little monotonous.  Sometimes, things need to be done to mix it up a little bit.  You know, add a little spice and excitement.  Every once in a while, that means I stumble onto something that has more use than to make the game more exciting again.  Enter the bag swap.


Next time you are out with your buddies.  Trade bags for a round.  Play the entire round with only their discs.  First, this is definitely fun.  I get a huge kick out of watching a friend play on unsure footing.  Second, you get to try a bunch of new plastic.  It’s not uncommon to find a new disc you love.  Third, at least for me, you play a round really paying attention to your form.  You aren’t familiar with what the disc does, so you try to throw them all the same.

Lastly, you really start to appreciate your own discs and the relationship you’ve built with them.  You start to really see the importance of knowing your plastic well.  You realize just how much the time you’ve put in with them has benefitted your game.

In the end, I always feel like I’ve improved after a round like this.  And that’s all I’m ever after.  If you can always leave the course just a tad better than when you got there, that’s really all that matters.  So, while I wouldn’t recommend swapping significant others with your friends, I would recommend occasionally swapping plastic.


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