No BS Product Review – The NutSac

My NutSac
My NutSac sitting on the first tee of a local course.

Deep, not wide.

In my life, one of the rules I’ve set for myself is “Deep, not wide”.  This is a simple way to remind myself that I want to be really good at a few things, not mediocre at a bunch of them.  It applies in a lot more ways than that, but that’s the general flavor.  I think this is a realization we all come to as we get older.

In our youth, we try lots of things.  We do lots of things.  We are busy, busy, busy with all manner of activities, interests, and hobbies.  (That’s because you young folks can get along without much sleep!)  Once we start getting a little bit older, we are faced with more and more responsibilities.  We just can’t do as many “things” as we did before.

What we are forced to do eventually is choose.  We’ve had some time to do quite a bit.  We’ve been given the time to figure out what things we like.  We’ve also figured out which things we love.  At some point, we are forced to make the conscious choice to start eliminating things we like so that we have more time for the things we love.

I like to play pool, go bowling, and play poker.  Those are all things I like.  I love to play disc golf.  So I rarely do those other things any more.  Every moment at a poker table is a moment I can’t play disc golf (or am not getting the sleep I need to play well).  Many of you with families can also relate.  You might like a lot of things, but you love your family.  So you choose to spend your time with them and forgo many of the things you like.

Poker not only took too much time, but too much money too!
Poker not only took too much time, but too much money!

At this point, a lot of you are scratching your heads and wondering what the hell any of this has to do with a disc golf bag.  Well, today I’m not reviewing just any disc golf bag.  Today we are taking a close look at my NutSac (let the bad jokes commence!).  It sits along side 6 other bags in my garage.  Lately I’d rather play with my NutSac than any of the other choices.

The reason is that I’ve started looking at my disc golf game in the same way I do my life.  Deep, not wide.  That strategy has served me so well in so many other areas that I kind of can’t believe it’s taken me this long to apply it to disc golf.  I think what took me so long is the disease I have.

Too many discs.

I have this sickness that makes me buy disc after disc as if the several hundred I already have aren’t enough in some way.  Then, to make it worse, I kept buying bigger and bigger disc golf bags to try and carry as many of them as I could.  My latest purchase was a Ridge Roller cart style bag that I found a way to stuff 30 discs into.  I’m not knocking my Ridge Roller.  It’s a great bag and I’m happy I have it (review to come in the near future).  But it wasn’t helping my game.  It was actually making it worse.

How does a bag make your game worse?  By tempting you to carry 30 discs for the sole reason that you can.  Just like all the things I did in my youth that I was mediocre at, I was now wheeling around a cart full of discs that I was mediocre (at best) at using.  When you are out on the course, that forces you to make one of two decisions.

Ridge Roller
Here I am at the GBO with my Ridge Roller full of way too many discs

First, you could choose to throw that “situational” disc that you really haven’t thrown a ton.  But it’s slightly more stable than this, and a tad straighter than that, and gee if I throw it just right it’ll fade 6 more inches at the end of it’s flight.  We all know how that throw usually works out.

Second, you could reach right past the 25 discs that you are mediocre with and pull out “old trusty”.  You know old trusty.  That’s the disc you’ve thrown a million times.  The one that they’ll have to pry out of your cold dead hands.  If you are like most disc golfers, you have a few “old trusties” in your bag.  Old trusty describes the discs you love.  The rest are just discs you like.

This is why I am loving my NutSac more and more every day.  My problem is that I have no self control.  Knowing what I should do and actually doing it are often two completely different things for me.  One of the keys to doing the right thing for me has been finding ways to force myself to do them.  Not having the option to do the wrong thing is often the best way to do the right one.

That’s exactly why I carry my NutSac with me on most rounds now.  It forces me to ignore all those discs I like and to only carry the discs I love.  The translation of that is that I only carry discs I know I can play effectively with.  I leave behind all of the discs that I don’t love.  The result?  My scores are down and my confidence is way up.

Photo Jun 11, 10 24 00 AM
Here’s what’s in my NutSac right now… 3 drivers, 3 mids, and a putter. And yes, I’m aware they are dirty!

Imagine if every time you grabbed a disc out of your bag, it was a disc you absolutely loved.  That’s what playing with the NutSac does for you.  By only carrying 7 discs (what the single NutSac comfortably holds) you can be almost assured that every disc in there is one you have a lot of time with.  Every disc is one that will help you score more often than not.  And that’s the point, isn’t it?  Did you ever think a bag would help lower your scores?  This one can.

The NutSac.

So here we are, over 1000 words into this review and I haven’t even talked about the bag itself.  That’s the bonus.  It’s a really great bag.  First, it’s incredibly well made.  The material is super durable.  The stitching is top notch.  It’s everything it needs to be and nothing it doesn’t.  If you buy into the theory of carrying less discs, you will be thrilled with your NutSac.

As for design, the single NutSac (the model I own), will carry 7 discs.  It has a small pocket on the outside that I can fit my phone and keys into (wallet has to stay in the car, but there is room for an id and a few bills if you want).  The strap is adjustable and has plenty of length if you want or need it.  You can even comfortably wear it while throwing approaches and putts.  I only usually take mine off for drives or all out throws.  Just slide the discs behind your back and throw.

**I’ve had mine for years and looking at their site it does look like they’ve tweaked the design a little, making the front pocket bigger so you can either carry a putter or a few more small items.

Photo Jun 11, 10 24 11 AM
The stitching and materials are top quality.

I really only have one “I wish” when talking about my NutSac.  I wish I could carry it in tournaments and leagues.  For those two events I just need to carry some more stuff.  I need a couple of back ups in case I lose a disc, my sunglass case, my dirt bag, a mini, a pencil, scorecard holder, and a drink.  They do make a double NutSac, which I’ve been eyeballing for that purpose, I just haven’t pulled the trigger yet.  For casual rounds, it’s been all NutSac, all the time.

One last point.  In a time when disc golf bags just keep getting fancier and more expensive over time, the Nutsac is a really affordable option.  The single NutSac runs $39.95 and the double is $59.95.  Not bad for something with a lifetime guarantee!  Bottom line, it’s a great bag at a great price.  You just can’t go wrong.

(Reminder.  I’m just a NutSac customer.  I have not received a free bag and am not affiliated with them in any way.  They make one hell of a product that I’ve owned for years and I’m ultra confident in recommending it to you.  No BS.)


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  1. I have thought about buying the nutsac. Especially since I have been going through the same thing [simplifying my bag]. The one thing that stops me is the lack of beverage storage. I try to make sure I stay hydrated on the course and don’t want to carry a container. Although, I could see this being less of an issue if I was out on a solo round and am able to get through the course faster.

    • You are in luck! They sell an accessory drink holder. It’s additional for the single, but comes with the double. Although it doesn’t look like it fits a hydroflask, which is my favorite beverage container.

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