Delta Ten Disc Golf Cart Review

Delta top

Why I bought a Delta Ten Disc Golf Cart…

My two addictions in this world are disc golf and photography. As my love of disc golf has grown, I’ve accumulated many discs, bags, and other equipment. As my love for photography has grown, I’ve done the same thing with cameras, lenses, filters, and other gear. My photo habit has grown far beyond whipping out my iPhone to snap a pic every now and then.

That means that when I hit the course, I not only need a good way to carry my discs, I also need a place to safely carry my camera, lens, tripod, and other various equipment. Sometimes I feel like I’m packing for a small vacation just to go play a round of disc golf.

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Why You Should Start Using a Disc Golf Cart

Only for the weak and lazy?

Before this year, if I saw you with your discs in some kind of cart, my response would have been, “So how’s it feel to admit you are old and feeble?”. All in good fun, of course, but deep down I thought carts were only for the weak and lazy. I figured if I couldn’t muster the strength to carry around a back pack with 10-20 frisbees in it, I was in big trouble. Besides, there was no way I was going to spend a significant amount of hard earned money on a cart when I already owned 6 different bags.

Grip disc golf bags
It was very hard for me to admit there might be something better than my trusty Grip bags

My how things can change in the space of a year. In 2015 I had a change of heart in regards to disc golf carts. So much so that…

I admitted that I was old and feeble.
I spent my hard earned money on not one, but two of them.

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The Scepter Disc Golf Retriever Review

A Satisfied Customer

Scepter disc golf retriever

Every once in a while, I come across a product that takes me by surprise. A product that ends up being a lot more than it appears to be on the surface. A product that leaves me wondering how I got along without it. This year, I’ve come across two such products. Today I’ll be reviewing one of them, the Scepter disc golf retriever.

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Dynamic Discs Evidence Review

Ken Climo and many other pros have been quoted as saying the hardest shot in disc golf is the dead straight controlled one. A big part of that is skill. But at least some of it is having the right disc. Ken and Barry have the luxury of having beat to perfection Rocs that they’ve had for years. Very few discs can come close to those flights right out of the box. For me, the Evidence is one of those discs.

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No BS Product Review – The NutSac

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No BS Review – Zen and the Art of Disc Golf

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No BS Product Reviews – The Gateway Bullseye Basket

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Building a Disc Golf Home Gym, the Jump Rope

Pretty regularly, when I talk to people about my disc golf home gym, people automatically assume that I’m equating muscle size to disc golf skill.  Someone always wants to chime in with, “I’m skinny as heck and I can throw 500 feet!”.  That’s usually someone on line so there’s a 95% chance they can’t break … Read more