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Why I bought a Delta Ten Disc Golf Cart…

My two addictions in this world are disc golf and photography. As my love of disc golf has grown, I’ve accumulated many discs, bags, and other equipment. As my love for photography has grown, I’ve done the same thing with cameras, lenses, filters, and other gear. My photo habit has grown far beyond whipping out my iPhone to snap a pic every now and then.

That means that when I hit the course, I not only need a good way to carry my discs, I also need a place to safely carry my camera, lens, tripod, and other various equipment. Sometimes I feel like I’m packing for a small vacation just to go play a round of disc golf.

When I bought the Ridge Roller, it was a little tough for me to swallow the $400 price tag. But, as I wrote about here, getting a cart ended up being more than worth the money. And yet here I was looking at spending another $400… On something I already owned! That was a really tough pill to swallow. Convincing myself it was a good idea took a while and I almost didn’t do it. But after missing a bunch of really great picture opportunities because I didn’t have my camera with me, I decided that a Delta Ten was in my future.

If I hadn’t had the need for extra storage, I most likely would not have been looking at new cart options. I played most of this year with a Ridge Roller (see our review here) and was very happy. Sometimes life works in funny ways. What you do for one reason, you end up liking for a host of others. And that’s what happened when I decided to order a Delta Ten disc golf cart from Delta Disc Golf. From the moment I unboxed it I was in love.

As good as the All Terrain Disc Golf Cart (Ridge Roller) is, the Delta is a step better in almost every respect. I want to be very clear, though. At this time, the ZÜCA version of the Ridge Roller (available here) runs about $100 less than the Delta Ten. If $399 ($429 if you get it wrapped) is a bit too steep, don’t hesitate to look at the ZÜCA cart. This isn’t a good vs. bad comparison. It’s a really good vs. better comparison. In my opinion, however, if money isn’t an issue the Delta is the clear choice.

There are a few things the ZÜCA does better/differently and I’ll highlight those as we go through this review. When deciding which one is right for you, make sure you are keeping your own personal needs in mind as they are most likely different from mine. And with that, let’s get right to a visual tour of the Delta Ten Disc Golf Cart by Delta Disc Golf.

Visual Tour…

The build quality is amazing. This thing is a tank. Everything is held together with rivets or welds. Solid is an understatement. The material portions are heavy duty and the zippers are solid. The handle is secure. All it takes is a minute or two of looking this cart over in person and you are immediately impressed with the quality and engineering.

Delta Ten disc golf cart

One thing I love is that this cart is built from the ground up for disc golf. Every feature is well thought out and has your disc golf experience in mind. You can tell that the designers not only play a lot of disc golf, but that they played a lot with this cart as they were developing it. There are so many little touches that come in handy. I truly appreciate the thought that went into building it.

Delta Ten disc golf cart handleDelta Ten disc golf cart handle attach point

The handle is comfortable and the pole it attaches to is adjustable. You can set the handle at a good height regardless of how tall you are. It also removes easily for transport and/or storage. I wouldn’t mind if the handle was a bit bigger around, but I’m 6’6″ with giant hands so that’s probably just a personal thing.

Pro tip:  When you are going through rough terrain, push the cart instead of pulling it.

Delta Ten disc golf cart top view

One of the first things you’ll notice is the chest style disc storage. It’s super easy to get to your discs when accessing them from the top like this.

Delta Ten disc golf cart seat

With the lid closed, this is a great seat. It’s also one of the few things I miss about the Ridge Roller. The Ridge Roller seat is about twice as high as the Delta. As a tall guy, it’s much more comfortable for me to sit on the Ridge Roller.

Delta Ten disc golf cart and Ridge Roller
The Ridge Roller next to the Delta for height comparison

That said, this still works great and I have no real complaints. It’s also padded so you don’t need to buy an additional accessory to pad the seat like you do with the ZÜCA cart.

Delta Ten disc golf cart velcro tabs
Velcro tabs

The top is held securely closed with two very well made tabs that have velcro on them.

Delta Ten disc golf cart putter pocket

When you flip the lid open, those same two velcro tabs flip around and hold the lid open. This keeps it from flopping around . On the inside of the lid, there is a putter pouch, mini pocket and another slot that fits a phone, scorecard, etc. I’ve become a huge fan of the UDisc app, so this is usually where my phone sits. It is secure and I have no worries at all about it falling out. I do wish the putter pocket held two putters, but that’s just me being picky.

Delta Ten disc golf cart inside view

Disc storage is ample. In the main compartment, you can easily fit 20-24 discs. The cart does come with 2 handy dividers.

Delta Ten disc golf cart with camera stored inside

Here you can see one of the main reasons I bought this cart. On one side of the divider is 15 discs (more than enough for me). On the other my camera sits safe and secure. The bottom and back of the main compartment are padded, so this is the absolute perfect way to carry my Sony camera. Even with my rather large 24-240mm all purpose lens attached, it fits very nicely. Unless I’m playing a quick round with my NutSac, I always have my camera with me now!

Photo Jan 22, 11 04 58 AM

On either side of the main compartment, you’ll see another one of my favorite features, handles. On some spots on many courses, you need to pick up the cart and carry it. Up and down stairs, over creeks, in rough and hilly terrain. With a well placed handle on either side of the main compartment, the Delta is a snap to pick up and carry.

Delta Ten disc golf cart bottom compartment

Under the main compartment is a zippered storage area. This is where the rain fly is stored. I can also fit a rain coat or sweatshirt in here. If the main compartment doesn’t have enough disc storage for you, this lower storage area can fit a bunch more discs.

Delta Ten disc golf cart rain fly

Here is the rain fly attached. When cinched tight (unlike I have it pictured here) it does a nice job of keeping the rain out. It looks cool too. You’ll notice the Delta logos on the fly and the lower compartment door. There are little touches like this throughout the cart that I really love. It’s a reflection of the thought put into its design. No detail has been overlooked. And as for the rain fly, it does keep rain out of the open sides and front. If the lid is closed, your disc will stay mostly dry. Keep some towels in that lower storage and you are set for a wet day. Oh, and the rain fly comes with, it is not an extra purchase like it is with the Ridge Roller.

Behind the main compartment are two more storage areas. The Delta really shines when it comes to storage for things other than discs.

Delta Ten disc golf cart valuables compartment

This compartment unzips to reveal safe storage for wallet, keys, phone, bag tags, and a bunch of other stuff. There’s quite a bit of room in here and when zippered, all is well protected. The compartment itself if padded and removes easily.

Delta Ten disc golf cart cooler

This compartment is intended for beverages. It is padded and insulated and does an ok job at keeping drinks cold. You can actually fit 6 cans in here! You can also fit 3 20 oz bottles. You all know by now I’m  carrying a Hydro Flask out on the course. My 32oz Hydro Flasks don’t fit in here, so I’ve had to change over to these smaller Hydro Flasks instead. I can fit two of them in here with room left over.

You can remove both compartments from the cart giving you a wider additional storage compartment that can hold discs, clothes, or other gear of your choice.

Delta Ten disc golf cart wheels

When I first saw these fenders, I wasn’t so sure they were needed. Turns out they are. They not only keep water and mud from spraying up everywhere, but they also keep any loose clothing from laying on the dirty tires if you are using the cart as a seat.

The wheels are the same wheels you find on the Ridge Roller. They have the same issue. You will get a flat.

***UPDATE:  In June of 2017, I ordered these solid 12″ wheels for my cart. They are a direct replacement for the stock wheels on either your ZUCA or Delta (for the Delta, they are a bit of a tight fit, but still work great). The solid rubber wheels eliminate the need to modify the standard air filled tires. Another huge benefit is that they are not bouncy like air filled tires. This ends up making your cart more stable. For a minimal cost, it’s a huge upgrade to your cart that you’ll be glad you made!!!

Pro tip:  Replace the inner tube with a solid core. You can do this with pool noodles.

Pro tip:  If you choose to keep these inflated with air, deflate them and then refill with fix a flat.

Pro tip:  Do not keep the tires fully inflated. They will bounce off of the smallest bump and cause the cart to tip. Instead remove just a bit of air for a smoother ride.

Pro tip:  Carry a small pump. Get one with a small head. The head has to fit inside the opening in the wheel which is tight.

One thing you’ll notice is that these are not quick release wheels like the Ridge Roller has. That’s because that is not needed. To put the ZÜCA cart into most cars or trunks, the wheels need to be taken off and it needs to be laid down. Not so with the Delta. Just remove the main handle and grab the side handles to lift it in. It is low enough that it fits comfortably in most cars and trunks.

Delta Ten disc golf cart feet

The clearance is a little lower than the Ridge Roller when upright. The bottom case has 4 layers of protection, the ballistic nylon which is the waterproof layer, then a layer of foam which is the same foam as in the cooler so it can be used as one as well, then a protection layer of 1/8th inch plastic shield which you can feel from the inside and then one more layer of 1000 weave denier fabric. This should keep anything stored down here safe and dry.

Delta Ten disc golf cart accessories

There are also a couple accessories available. An umbrella holder and single drink holder are both available on the Delta site. They also just released a holder that can accommodate my 32oz Hydro Flask!

Don’t like black? First, what’s wrong with you? Second, check out all the incredibly cool colors and designs you can get this cart in! There is sure to be a color or pattern that works for you. I’ve got my eye on either a glow or carbon fiber wrap if I ever want to change things up. You can buy the cart pre-wrapped or you can buy wraps separately as your mood and preferences change.

Delta Ten disc golf cart wraps
These are just a few of the colors/patterns available.


Let me start by restating that I’m thrilled to be playing with any cart. Whether you make one from an old stroller, buy the ZÜCA/Ridge Roller, or go for the Cadillac in the Delta Ten, you really will be happy you have one once you start using it.

With that said, I couldn’t be happier with the Delta cart. Everywhere I take it people stop me and have nothing but positive things to say. It’s improved both my disc golf and photography life. I can’t wait for this season to ramp up as I’ve got lots of traveling to new courses planned. I’m looking forward to taking the Delta on many an adventure this year. Make sure you are following here and on Instagram to see the pictures that come as a result!


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8 thoughts on “Delta Ten Disc Golf Cart Review”

  1. My may. Issue with the Delta is it’s height. It is. Shower than my stool and shorter than an RR. My knees are bent way more than 90 degrees to sit on a delta. I can. Imagine needing hel0 standing up after half a round. Also you photography needs really seem to bias this review to your specific needs and not a review of the product. Hard or soft lens cases attach nicely to the RR Frame. But yes that work. But what normal disc golfer Wil ever drag around a dslr and multiple lens to play dg?

    • Before replying I wanted to test this out. I am 6’6″ and when I sit on the Delta, my knees are exactly at 90 degrees. It is perfectly comfortable. It is also no lower than the golf stool I used to carry. That said, the Ridge Roller is higher and also a bit more comfortable height wise. But it’s also narrower. It’s a trade off.

      And yes, I specifically state in the review several times that I use the Delta as it fits my specific needs better. I come right out and advise that people look at the carts with their own needs in mind. If you go and read my review of the Ridge Roller, I restate that their. And that is also a very positive review.

      Both carts are excellent and each will find a happy home with different disc golfers.

  2. As I have already mentioned in another comment, I have one of the Gotta Go Gotta Throw carts. One thing that I did was to build a wooden box to fit inside of it so that now it kind of functions like the Delta 10. Of course one problem with a wooden box is that it adds weight. Hopefully I can either find a lighter box that fits or make me a lighter one. Also my cart’s seat is low, similar to the Delta. Don’t know how to fix that. As I stated in my other comment, I think I will start using my cart again, after all, I am about to turn 55 in March. lol.

    • You are a lot more handy than I! My house is a huge list of unfinished projects for that reason.

      I’m 6’6″ and don’t have an issue sitting on the Delta. But I also don’t sit much. I’ve found that sitting actually makes things worse. On casual rounds I never sit. In tournaments I’ll only sit if there is a really long back up on a hole. I also have a standing desk at work. It’s one of the best things I’ve done for my back!

      Thanks for the comments!

  3. I got a flat on my Delta. How exactly do you replace the inner tube with a pool noodle? Any how to instructions?

    • Hey Leo,

      I’ve fixed all my flats (and there have been a few of them) with Fix a Flat for bicycles. The pool noodle thing was something shared with me by another player at a tournament. He said he cut them down, wrapped them with duct tape, and stuffed them in. I’ve also heard that bike shops can put in solid inner tubes.

      Hope that helps.

  4. Because I live in Alaska I always try to work in a tournament or two on business or family trips. My current cart is a converted stroller and traveled well. I could take my mods off and it looked like a child stroller and most airlines don’t charge for a “child stroller”.

    Have you every taken the delta as luggage? is it easy to disassemble and reassemble? Would it travel well?


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