Dynamic Discs Warrant Review

Dynamic Discs Warrant

There are two types of understable disc in the world. Those that start their life as a stable or overstable disc and then lovingly beat in to buttery smooth turnover goodness. And those that are understable out of the box… Kind of like a few people I know.

If you look inside of most pro bags, you see a lot of that first kind and not many of the second. That’s because a disc that has been beat to understable is a much more reliable and trustworthy piece of plastic. I’ll be writing a post soon to describe why. For now, all the proof that is really needed is the number of pros that carry beat in plastic as their understable option.

I remember watching Barry Schultz play on an old MSDGC dvd I had (if you can find those earlier Marshall Street tournaments, they are absolutely worth a watch!). He had these beat up Rocs that you would swear were made out of equal parts plastic and magic. He threw them on 400 foot anny lines. He beamed them through the woods on laser straight flights. He threw them on what started as a straight path only to have them turn right at the end of their flight. I remember watching that as a new player and being baffled. I’d watch those videos over and over again wondering, “How does he get his discs to fade the wrong way!!!”

But not everyone has one of those perfectly seasoned discs. Some people had one and lost it. Others change up their discs too often to ever end up with a properly broken in disc. There are a lot of reasons that a disc golfer might be looking for that second type of understable disc. The challenge lies in finding a disc that is designed to be understable when new, but that flies like one of those beat in discs.

The problem with most discs that are designed to be understable is there is nothing keeping them from being squirrelly. They go right (RHBH) from the start. How much can vary wildly. They tend to be inconsistent and unreliable. The sought after characteristic of the beat in turnover disc is that it turns in a controlled and smooth manner. It doesn’t flip and burn one time and then barely turn the next. It does the same thing every time you throw it.

Dynamic Discs Warrant

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is where the Dynamic Discs Warrant comes in.

In short, the Warrant goes right (RHBH).

When thrown flat, it goes right.

When thrown with hyzer, it stands up and then goes right.

When thrown on an anny, it just keeps going right.

The only way to keep it from going right is to power down to about 50-60% or throw it in a pretty significant tail wind.

But going right isn’t what impressed me. It’s how it goes right. And you guessed it, it goes right like those magic beat in Rocs ole Barry still throws to this day.

Before anyone gets their panties all bunched up… No, it’s not a replacement for those beautifully seasoned Rocs. Nothing is. It is, however, a disc that has a very similar turn to one of those beat up discs the pros like to throw.

Once you get the hang of this disc, it will provide you with a reliable turn over shot that you can count on, but you do have to get the hang of it. Like any understable disc (this includes both types I’ve referenced), you have to have some touch. Throwers with virtually no finesse will not be able to make this or any other understable disc work well. Throwing on plane with no wrist roll is a requirement here.

I’m going to go back to my old stand by. If you can’t drive with a putter  (the universal test for whether or not you have decent form), you aren’t ready for a turnover disc. It will simply be a waste of time. But if you can, the Warrant will reward you with some beautiful flights.

For me, I’m anxiously awaiting the day when my Verdicts beat in to this much needed turn over slot. I’ve been playing with the same ones for over 2 years now and they still aren’t there. So until then there is a fight going on in my bag. The Warrant is currently in a vicious battle to kick my current turn over disc (the Latitude 64 Fuse) out of the bag. Will it win? I don’t know yet. What I do know is that if you are looking for a disc that goes right, the Warrant is surely worth a look.

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