Wisdom Wednesday – What Gets Measured…

Almost every one of us wants to improve at disc golf. I don’t know of any disc golfer who is 100% happy with their current skill set. Even Paul McBeth, the highest rated disc golfer in the history of the game, works daily to improve his disc golf skills. He is constantly measuring his performance, … Read more

Wisdom Wednesday – Believe the Best

Stop watching the news… We live in a paranoid world. According to the news, everyone is out to get you. You need to watch your back and trust no one. Lock the doors and hide your children, the world is an unsafe place full of awful people who will take advantage of you if given … Read more

Wisdom Wednesday – If Not Now, When?

You guys rock. I mean that. I get some of the best emails and comments from the people that follow this blog. They share pictures, challenges, successes, and inspirational stories about their life and disc golf. I love getting those emails. The other day I got one from someone who had started playing disc golf … Read more

Just the Tip – It’s the Archer

You’ve done your research. You’ve gone to Facebook, DGCR, DGR, and You Tube. You’ve read the reviews on all the disc golf blogs. You’ve poured over the In Bounds flight guide. You’ve consulted Joe’s Flight Chart and the Marshall Street Flight Guide. You’ve asked your friends, you’ve called your neighbors. And now you are ready. … Read more

Wisdom Wednesday – Be Content

I’m never going to be a professional disc golfer. There, I said it. I wish it was different, but it’s not. Hang on a sec while I go cry for a bit. I’ll be right back… You see, I’m supremely unathletic. I played bench in little league. I scored 2 points all season for my … Read more

Wisdom Wednesday – Those Who Understand, Teach

I like to play ball golf. I’m not sure where the idea started that you can’t play both disc and ball golf, but I don’t buy into that. I like disc golf a lot more, but I do enjoy getting out on a beautifully manicured golf course with friends and family that don’t play disc … Read more

Wisdom Wednesday – Confidence

Joe Montana knew a thing or two about confidence. You have to when you are face to face with charging 300 pound linebackers. It’s kind of important when bodily injury is a very possible result of your actions. That’s one thing about disc golf versus some other sports. No one is going to tackle us at … Read more

Wisdom Wednesday – I’d Rather be Trusted

I was listening to a podcast on the way to work today and the point was made that there is a “trifecta” of interpersonal relationships. The goal should be to be liked, trusted, and respected. They then went on to talk about which of those was more important. If you are a parent, you already … Read more

A Disc Golf Rant

A big part of the reason I post positive motivational memes on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is that I constantly need to remind myself to be positive and motivated. I write posts about digging deep and doing your best to try and inspire myself as much as I’m trying to inspire each of you. I truly … Read more