Wisdom Wednesday – Be a Good Traveler

Did you just master disc golf?!?!

“I’m the perfect disc golfer. I’ve learned all I ever need to know about disc golf and have nothing left to add to my vast knowledge of the sport. When it comes to putting plastic discs into baskets surrounded by chains, I’m the undisputed master! Kneel before Zod!!!”

Kneel before Zod

The original General Zod from Superman ii will be making a come back in the new Batman V Superman movie!

As much as I’d like to be able to say all that, it’s just never going to happen. (although I have been known to yell out that last part every now and again). I’ll never master disc golf.

If you have dreams of someday reaching that level of skill at disc golf, I’ve got some bad news for you. It’s just never going to happen. Don’t be mad, I’m just the messenger. Facts are facts. You’ll never master the sport.

Despite what some people proclaim on disc golf forums, Reddit, and Face Book, no one has reached, or ever will reach, that level. No one.

[tweetthis]#Discgolf, it takes minutes to learn and a lifetime to realize you’ll never master it.[/tweetthis]

This is where the wise statement below from Lao Tzu comes in. As travelers on the road that is disc golf, we must first realize there is no destination. We will never “arrive”.

Instead, we have to understand that it’s the trip itself that contains all the fun. It’s the daily struggle to get better. It’s the regular rounds with friends. It’s the awe of the occassional perfect throw. Those are the joys of our sport.

You'll never master disc golf

For those that can wrap their heads around this concept, life is a lot more fun. They stop beating themselve up when things don’t go exactly as intended. They understand that each throw is one more step along the road.

For those that can’t, both disc golf and life can get pretty frustrating.

So, if you miss a putt, don’t sweat it, that’s one more step. If you shank a drive, yep, just another step. Find yourself in the bushes? Your moving a couple more steps on down that road.

Just remember to enjoy it every step of the way.

Oh, and if you get an ace that helps you win a match and crush your friend’s hopes and dreams of beating you that round? Turn, look at them, and yell…



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