The Disc Golf Practice That Lowers Your Score and Makes Course Management Easy

Before you can even think about course management, you have to tailor your disc golf practice to the shots you’ll actually need out on the course. It doesn’t do anyone any good to know what shot you need to throw and then not be able to throw it.

The Disc Golf Putt You Don’t Practice Enough

What putts do you practice? Putting. It’s where the game of disc golf is won and lost. It’s the one skill that the pros practice more than any other. They might even practice it more than all of the other skills combined. If you are serious about your game, you practice it too. You might … Read more

Just the Tip – Practice With the Locals

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As you know from any of my social media accounts, I’m here!!!  After months of anticipation and 9 hours of driving, I rolled into Emporia late Saturday night.  The place isn’t exactly hopping yet, but I am here a lot earlier than most plan to be here.  I have a good reason, though.  I hate … Read more

Just the Tip – Cold Practice

Several hundred reps at the practice basket.  Another couple hundred drives in the field.  Pretty common recommendations for practice, right?  Read this blog or a number of others and you’ll see this type of practice regimen prescribed repeatedly. Then one day you say, “All right, I give in!  I’m finally going to commit to that … Read more

Just the Tip – Rapid Fire Putting Practice

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Putting.  It’s the one basic disc golf skill that everyone needs more practice at.  No matter how good you get, regular putting practice will become a permanent fixture in your disc golf life if you hope to stay good.  I’ve even heard it said that to be great at disc golf, you have to fall … Read more

How much fun was that putting practice?

I hated putting practice.  No, that’s not right, I despised and loathed putting practice.  The basket in my garage was more storage container than practice implement (it helps that I live 5 minutes from a course and a park that is perfectly set up for dg practice).  Standing there banging in a stack of putters … Read more

Mind Over Plastic

MIND OVER PLASTIC – THE DISC GOLF ANSWER MAN SEGMENTS I’ll never forget the day that Cool Daddy Slick Breeze called me. I had been writing this blog for about a year and Bobby Brown (media director for Dynamic Discs and better known as Cool Daddy Slick Breeze) had called to ask me if I’d … Read more