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I have a hard time finding satisfying reviews of disc golf gear.  Even disc reviews, which there are an abundance of, seem lacking in most cases.  I’m sitting here trying to decide whether or not I should spend my hard earned money on something, and the reviews just aren’t helping.  So, time to start writing … Read more

One Thing I Don’t Want in my Disc Golf Bag

any brand can coexist in your disc golf bagA while back, I posted a link on the resource page that itemized many of the most common things we disc golfers carry in our bags besides discs.  It’s quite an array of stuff.  Everything from sun screen to baseballs to lip balm to dog treats.

For me, I carry a lot less than I used to.  Bug spray, towel, dirt bag, mini, pencil, wallet, phone, and keys.  That fluctuates based on where I’m playing, how far away from home I am, and how long I’m going to be there.  I’ve played a long time now. I pretty much know what I want in my disc golf bag.

More and more, though, I keep running into people who want to put something in my bag that I absolutely do not want in there.  At first, I politely tell them I don’t want it in my bag.  Some people understand and stop trying.  Others, though, are insistent to the point of rudeness.  Funny thing is that while I run into a ton of people who want to put this in my bag, I don’t know anyone at all who wants it in their own disc golf bag.  Not one person.

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Am Worlds, The Best and Worst Disc Golf I’ve Ever Played

With the Am Worlds disc golf tournament kicking off in Minnesota this week, I thought it only appropriate that I share my own Am Worlds experience. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”  Nothing better describes my participation in the 2007 Am Worlds in Milwaukee, WI.  Worlds is something everyone … Read more

Do You Really Want Fries With That?

This isn’t a post about weight loss.  It’s not a post about cholesterol.  This isn’t going to be someone talking down to you about how you are a horrible person because you like yummy, delicious food.  Mmmmmmm, french fries!  (Read that with a Homer Simpson voice)  OK, hang on while I clean the drool off … Read more

Do You Have the Heart of a Champion?

We weren’t even out of the car when I heard the question I already knew was coming. “$1 skins?” “Sure” I replied. “Love playing with you, you’re always willing to donate.” “Yeah, yeah, yeah.  One of these days I’ll get my money back.” Almost all of my disc golf friends are better than me.  Most … Read more

And the Farthest Flying Disc Golf Disc Is……

Gimme Some D!

Distance. It’s the holy grail for most disc golfers.  We chase it like we chased the opposite sex when we hit puberty.  We think about distance. We talk about distance. We post about distance online. We buy apps to validate our distance in the field. On the whole, it is a life long addiction that can never be satisfied. Hit the 300′ mark and we immediately seek 350′. Hit 400′, not good enough.  Hit 800′, you are probably posting on a message board (cut that out, no one believes you!!!).

The Farthest Flying Disc Golf Disc

Most of us have a firm grasp on the fact that technique is the real key to unlocking distance. That knowledge, unfortunately, does many of us no good. We all have the uncanny ability to know the right answer and give ourselves great advice (more field work is needed), yet many of us never seem to be able to take our own advice.

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The #1 Thing You Can Do To Improve Your Disc Golf Game.

How do I get better? It’s at the heart of almost every disc golf question asked on forums, blogs, campfire conversations, and FaceBook groups.  There’s a million ways the question gets asked. “What discs should I throw?” “How can I add distance to my throw?” “What disc would you throw on this hole?” “Here’s a … Read more

Get out to Round Lake, IL now, you won’t regret it!

3 Years in the making, Squaw Creek Gold is a reality!!! In 2011, Brett Comincioli, club president of the Discontinuum Disc Golf Club of North Eastern Illinois, went to the Round Lake Area Park District with a dream.  A dream of bringing a championship level disc golf course to NE Illinois. 3 years later, that … Read more

Happy Summer!!!

At 5:41 am CST, Saturday June 21, 2014, it will officially be summer!!! That’s right folks.  Summer.  Is.  Here.  And I have to say, it’s about damn time. This girl has made a home off of hole 4 at my home course.  She’s pretty fearless. Here’s to baseball, cook outs, lazy afternoons, and most of … Read more

Why are you punching yourself in the face on the disc golf course?!?!

We are our own worst enemy. With all the negative voices coming from the news, our coworkers, our friends, and our families, the biggest negative voice in most of our lives lives right inside our own head.  This can be especially true on the disc golf course. A bunch of years back, I was a … Read more