And the Farthest Flying Disc Golf Disc Is……

Gimme Some D!

Distance. It’s the holy grail for most disc golfers.  We chase it like we chased the opposite sex when we hit puberty.  We think about distance. We talk about distance. We post about distance online. We buy apps to validate our distance in the field. On the whole, it is a life long addiction that can never be satisfied. Hit the 300′ mark and we immediately seek 350′. Hit 400′, not good enough.  Hit 800′, you are probably posting on a message board (cut that out, no one believes you!!!).

The Farthest Flying Disc Golf Disc

Most of us have a firm grasp on the fact that technique is the real key to unlocking distance. That knowledge, unfortunately, does many of us no good. We all have the uncanny ability to know the right answer and give ourselves great advice (more field work is needed), yet many of us never seem to be able to take our own advice.

Today’s fast paced world has us all looking for shortcuts. The short cut many seek for disc golf distance is, you guessed it, buying a magical disc that will leap out of our hand and fly forever. And if the disc we just bought doesn’t do it for us, there’s sure to be another out soon with the promise of legendary distance.

So, get to the point, right? Well, here you go. The definitive, undisputed, longest disc golf disc out there is…..

Different for everyone.

OK, I’m sure that 3 word answer is as disappointing to many of us as the crates of discs in our garages and basements that didn’t turn out to be the long bombers we had hoped for. But it is true. How do I know? I learned the expensive and hard way. I know many of you can relate.

So Many Discs, Looking for the Longest One

As our sport grows and matures, we will be hit by an ever increasing onslaught of marketing and hyperbole. On top of that, as we all glue ourselves to as many YouTube videos as possible, we see a surge in the number of players absolutely crushing discs.  I saw Avery Jenkins throw at a clinic in 2007 and I almost quit right on the spot.  His throws were going longer than 2.5 of my best throws combined. What did I do instead? I ran out and bought the disc he was throwing.

Can You Buy Distance?

As you can guess, I didn’t add distance, just more of a balance on my credit card. The sick thing is that over the first 5-6 years I played disc golf I did that over and over and over again. To this day, I’m still tempted to pick up the latest and greatest thinking it might add a few feet to my drives.

The right answer to this quest is twofold.  First, we have to come to grips with the fact that distance isn’t everything. Accuracy is far more important. I learned that very quickly last year when I started playing Advanced Masters.

Accuracy and putting trumped distance. Every. Single. Time.

Second, we have to find the disc that best matches our current arm speed and technique. In order to do this, we need to understand why a disc gets distance.

What Makes the Farthest Flying Disc Fly Far?

A disc’s distance happens in the “flip and ride” portion of its flight. It’s the part of the flight where the disc flips up from a hyzer angle, turns over past flat, and rides.  When done right, it almost looks like the disc is sliding to the right (RHBH). The longer we can keep our discs in that part of their flight, the further they will go. The longer it flies before pulling out of that turn, the longer the throw.

Why isn’t a Destroyer or Missilen or Nuke OS everyone’s longest disc? Because most people don’t have the arm speed to get them to stay in that turn for very long.  Many can’t get them to turn at all.  They just hyzer out of the sky and crash to Earth like the Hindenburg minus the flames.

Hindenburg looking like your overstable disc golf driver

So how do we find the longest disc for us? That’s where the speed rating of a disc comes in. The speed rating does NOT determine the actual speed of a disc. Clock a throw out of our hand with any disc and they all leave our hand at the same speed. We can’t magically throw faster because we are holding a faster disc. Part of that rating is how quickly or slowly the disc decelerates.

Much more importantly, the speed rating tells us how fast we need to be able to throw that disc in order for it to achieve its intended flight.

Can’t get that Force to flip and ride? It’s because your arm speed isn’t fast enough for that disc. Your longest disc will be the disc whose speed rating matches your arm speed the best. It’s why many people limit their bag to “speed X and below” except for specialty or wind discs. Finding the speed that matches your current form is the key to finding the longest disc for you.

Disc Selection is Key

For me, my longest measured throw was 426′ with an Opto Trespass (speed 12). It was a fluke. I’ve only broken 400′ a handful of times. None of them repeatable. It’s the fastest disc I can hang with right now for non specialty or windy throws. But it’s not my consistently longest disc. My consistently longest disc is an Opto Vision (speed 8). Yeah, surprised the crap out of me too!

Latitude 64 Vision disc golf disc

For some reason, I just click with that disc. If there’s no wind, it’s my go to for most of my throws that just need pure distance. On a good pull, it’ll go 360’ish for me and I’ve pushed it to 380′ on rare occasions. The “flip and ride” portion of it’s flight is longer than any other disc I own. I’m really loving that disc right now (it’s also the most versatile driver in my bag, but more on that another time). As I improve, I can see the Trespass becoming the longest, but that’s quite a bit of field work away.

So, what’s your longest disc? Let us know in the comments! Ever tried throwing lower speed drivers for distance? If not, give it a whirl, you might be surprised.

If you are still hopelessly addicted to getting more distance, make sure to check out our two part post on the subject (part one here and part two here).


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21 thoughts on “And the Farthest Flying Disc Golf Disc Is……”

    • That’s awesome. I haven’t had a chance to throw any Legacy plastic yet, but I hear great things. Rico is doing some really good things right now!

  1. I think stability might play a part as well? The more stable a disc is for me I feel the more snap is needed to get it to glide out to its intended factory distance. For me max distance comes from under stable but not too flippy speed 7 fairway drivers. I use the Discraft XL as my go to driver now.

    • Good point, Billy! Ah the XL. My very first disc was an XS. An XL was in the bag shortly after. Really great disc. I love to put discs like the XL into the hands of newer players and watch their face as it outflies the Destroyers, Nukes, and Firebirds they all carry at first. Love that you’ve found a disc that works so well for you. Makes the sport so much more fun!

  2. Yeah Ken Jarvis did threw DX Teebird over 800 feet. Yes distance is nice, but agreed that accuracy/consistency and good putting are big keys.

  3. For me, I prefer around speed 9/10 over speed 12+ discs as those speed 9/10 gives me more consistency and predictability than higher speed. My favorite distance driver is MVP Neutron Inertia (MVP Neutron Tesla if I need bit more stability). My Sword/Tern might go around 20 feet more on average but my aiming and consistency are much better with speed 9/10 drivers.

    • I agree Jamie. It’s amazing what we go through to get that extra 20 feet. For me I have to keep reminding myself that 20 feet further, but 50 feet off line is not a good trade off.

      Thanks for reading the blog!

  4. Frost bolt is one I’ve gotten 500′ but my most consistent long discs are actually an escape and a sidewinder that is surprisingly stable

    • The Sidewinder was one of the first discs that I could get to go a “long” way (at the time that was like 250′). I actually lost my first one because I overthrew a downhill hole by a ton. I looked forever for that disc!

      Thanks for the comment TJ! And super impressive that you’re getting anything out to 500′! Nice job!

  5. The biggest surprise for me this year was the Westside Seer! Plain old VIP, double-stamped $10 at the mothership store, and everyone always asks “what WAS that?” after I casually toss it down a hill and it glides for days, way farther than I’d dared to hope. I’d love an overstable brother disc to go with it… Thanks for the great articles about distance and disc selection.

    • Yep, the Seer just glides for days with little effort! I reviewed it here on the blog this year and was impressed.

      Glad you are liking the articles, Liz, thanks for the comment and letting me know!

    • The Seer is a very good disc too have! I throw 90% Westside! If you feel a want for change. Try the Hatchet! Its a speed 9 and a glide 6. I would say the glide is far higher! My first ace of 2015 was at Rolling Hills in Ypsilanti, MI with the Seer.

  6. I have two distance go to discs…. The Westside Sorcerer and the Daedalus. Both I have hit 400′ with. I prefer to stay in the speed 7-10 range though. The top 4 discs I use on a drive pending on hole layout are Seer, Stag, Underworld and Hatchet. I can get over 300′ easy with all 4 discs. So, like in the article, I have decided to work on accuracy from playing longs before I continue to go to that next step on speed.


    • Yeah, I kind of have to until my back and nerves are 100%. I stand straight up, but muscle memory is telling me to keep my arm low in my pull through. However, I still throw most of my stable to overstable all the time as well. Here, there are only a few courses that I go to on a regular basis that I would need a high speed disc. So, I look for something that will give me a little bit of an “S” with my distance. For example, one course averages about 325 on most holes with 2 or 3 over on both courses and one from longs that’s 1036 and shorts at 600+. So that’s why I throw Fairways a lot.
      stag or hatchet for 315+ (usually in the circle)
      seer for 275+ (usually for a layup)
      underworld… well because there is a hole that you shoot over a hill and the basket sits down at the bottom to the right. My side arm distance is not there yet. So I backhand that distance. I really only use that disc at one course.

  7. I started out throwing about 250-300 when i was about 18 now after 7 years i can place a disc about 500 ft consistenlty. I can place it this far with slow fairway drivers and i can place it their with a speed 14 driver. What ive learned is that your distance is based more on form and power than disc type. A professional will outdrive you for three reasons he gets paid to play all day long, hes probably has better form than you , he has put in the effort to be that good.

    • 500 feet is an accomplishment I can only dream of at this point, but the realization that technique and form are key was an eye opener for me. Watching Simon throw putters over 400 feet and watching Barry Schultz throw a Roc 450 with ease are things I’ll never forget. Just knowing it’s possible is a big part of the battle. Your 3 reasons are all spot on!

      I would assume you are playing in open and doing well at this point? Thanks for the comment and good luck to you out on the course!

  8. I have been playing for about 3-4 years now. My farthest flying driver is a 159g champion boss that I can launch 420′ to 450′ every time. My main 3 disc are Boss, Beast, and Orc. I can launch all 3; however, my putting is so bad it doesn’t matter how far I drive. That is my goal for this year is to finally learn how to put! I just played a tournament where I was outdriving some of the pros, but still ending up in the bottom tier of the Rec division. Consistency and putting are definitely more important!

    • Wow, you are crushing it off the tee!

      Good luck with the putting. Remember, putting is simple. It’s all about the daily reps.

      Best of luck in the rest of your tournaments this year!

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