Just the Tip – Learn to Laugh

It seems like every time I play in a tournament, I do something that is totally out of character. Something so dumb that I look back and can’t believe I actually did what I just did. I’m not sure why this happens, but it does. Here’s a short list: Telling my group we were playing … Read more

Wisdom Wednesday – Prepare to Win

It’s true. With very few exceptions, everyone wants to win. In the heat of the battle, everyone exerts their will towards winning. So why doesn’t everyone win? Aside from the fact that there can be only one winner (and only one Highlander too, but that’s a totally different topic), very few people prepare to win. … Read more

Wisdom Wednesday – There is No Failure, Only Feedback

I’ve been lucky enough to get to participate in a couple Zen Disc Golf podcasts. It’s been great and we’ve had some fun conversations. In this week’s episode, the subject came up of what does “doing it right” mean in the first place? Who is to say what is the right or wrong way to … Read more

Wisdom Wednesday – Leave it Alone

Despite what my parents thought when I was a kid, there is such a thing as good enough.  Sometimes things are just fine the way they are.  This might sound obvious, but I need to remind myself of that sometimes. I listen to a lot of podcasts.  Most of the subject matter is typically ways to … Read more

Confidence is a Result

I’ve written a lot about the importance of having confidence.  I wrote a post about the “confidence circle” last week.  I’ve talked about it on my “Mind Over Plastic” segments on the Disc Golf Answer Man podcast.  I’ve made motivational memes on Intagram, Facebook, and Twitter directly referencing confidence.  What I’ve never done, though, is … Read more

Wisdom Wednesday – Direction

  I like to people watch.  More specifically, I like to watch people play disc golf.  There are as many approaches to the game as there are people playing it.  Head out to your home course and look around, you will see some crazy ways to throw a disc.  Go out and take a video camera, you … Read more

The Confidence Circle

I’m guessing that the term “confidence circle” is something that most of you have heard of before.  If you keep up with this blog, you definitely have.  I use the term a lot because I thought I knew what it meant.  I recently discovered I was wrong. For those of you that haven’t heard the … Read more

Wisdom Wednesday – Without Adversity

  As far as I know, there is no world championship of taking a nice hot shower.  There isn’t a new Olympic event that involves sleeping in on a Sunday.  No one ever challenged anyone else to see who could be more relaxed after a massage. While I definitely have a sense of accomplishment after … Read more

Wisdom Wednesday – Be Powerful

When I was a kid, I used to watch GI Joe on TV when I got home from school.  At the end of every episode, they had a little lesson designed to keep us kids out of trouble and on the straight and narrow path.  They always closed each of those shorts with the phrase, “…and … Read more

Road to the GBO – Why Are You on the Road?

In one week, just 7 days, I’ll be packing the car and heading to Emporia, Kansas for the 13th annual Glass Blown Open. If you’ve been following along on Facebook, you’ve noticed that I’ve been struggling with my performance lately.  Not only have I not been improving as of late, I’ve actually gone backwards in … Read more