Wisdom Wednesday – Prepare to Win

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It’s true. With very few exceptions, everyone wants to win. In the heat of the battle, everyone exerts their will towards winning. So why doesn’t everyone win? Aside from the fact that there can be only one winner (and only one Highlander too, but that’s a totally different topic), very few people prepare to win.

There are a lot of things that go into that. I try to cover most of them here on the blog. Are you eating right? Getting good sleep? Working out? Staying on top of your mobility? Stretching? Meditating? Have you practiced putting? Every day? How about field work?

You get the idea. This one is simple to understand. It’s just hard to do. Or is it?

Is it really that hard to make time to prepare to be successful at something you really, really want? Something you want deep down in the recesses of your soul? Something you want as bad as you want oxygen? I don’t think it is. For things like that, we seem to find the time, energy, and the effort. For things like that, we have a strong will to prepare to win.

If we don’t prepare to win, I don’t really believe we want to win in the first place. This is just as true in disc golf as it is in the rest of your life. You didn’t really want to get an A on that test if you didn’t make time to study. You didn’t really want to get in shape if you joined the gym but never went. You didn’t really want to get a good night’s sleep if you stayed up until 3am watching a movie you’ve already seen.

Why do some people get up with the sun to go do field work? Why do some people make time for 500-1000 practice putts a day? Why do some people play every day regardless of the weather? It’s because they want to win. It’s because they know that winning takes preparation above all else.

Why do some people not do those things? I’m pretty sure if they look at themselves honestly in the mirror, they can answer that question for themselves.

***After I wrote this post, I realized I wanted to add a quick post script. Wanting to win and winning in and of itself isn’t everything. It’s totally OK, in my opinion, to not want to win. The world we live in places too much emphasis on winning and not enough on playing the game in the first place. I play disc golf because I love the sport. I try to play every day. But I don’t practice putting every day. I don’t do field work every day. And I don’t derive my love of the sport from a quest for a W.

I wrote this post to inspire those of you out there that do want to win. At anything. If you truly want to win, you’ll have to prepare. If you just want to play, and winning isn’t your top priority, play, have fun, and I’ll see you on the course! If you find yourself saying you want to win, but are unable to get yourself to do the things you know you should do… It’s time to reevaluate and see if what you think you want is really what you want in the first place.


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