Wisdom Wednesday – Be Powerful

Photo May 05, 8 13 19 PM

When I was a kid, I used to watch GI Joe on TV when I got home from school.  At the end of every episode, they had a little lesson designed to keep us kids out of trouble and on the straight and narrow path.  They always closed each of those shorts with the phrase, “…and knowing is half the battle.”

While that’s true, knowing doesn’t do us any good at all if we can’t put that knowledge into action.  I’m sure most bank robbers know that what they are doing is wrong.  That doesn’t keep them out of jail.  I’m sure most of us have done things we “know” we shouldn’t be doing.  I’m sure we have also not done many things we “know” we should do.

So, Joe, while knowing is half the battle, it’s the doing that wins the war.  This is not only true in our every day lives, but it’s also true in our disc golf games.

How many times have you known the right disc to throw but thrown something else instead?  How many times have you known you’re not supposed to roll your wrist, but the thing rolls anyway?  How many times have you known you need to follow through on every shot, yet you short arm your throw right into a tree?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Disc golf is not a very hard sport to learn.  It’s actually pretty easy to wrap your head around what you are supposed to do.  Going out on the course and actually doing those things is a whole different story.

So, before we can master the course, master our discs, and therefore master our game, we must first master ourselves.  Be most powerful and have power over yourself.  Imagine how much better our games and our lives in general would be if we could all do just that!


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