Wisdom Wednesday – Leave it Alone

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Despite what my parents thought when I was a kid, there is such a thing as good enough.  Sometimes things are just fine the way they are.  This might sound obvious, but I need to remind myself of that sometimes.

I listen to a lot of podcasts.  Most of the subject matter is typically ways to improve yourself.  Diet, exercise, mental fortitude, and general self improvement are my topics of choice.  One of the drawbacks of listening to that type of content is that you start to think that nothing you are doing is right.  Your diet isn’t right because you drink diet soda.  Your exercise isn’t right because you don’t have the right frequency or set and rep combination.  Your mental fortitude isn’t spot on because really you should be meditating twice a day and not just once.  And on and on it goes.

What I often have to do is press pause and realize that at 44 years old, I’ve actually gotten a lot of things right.  Meditating once a day is working great for me.  I like diet soda and it’s really the only “bad” thing I put in my body.  The fact that I actually work out every day is much more important than how many sets or reps I do.  Some things are exactly the way I want them and I’ve worked hard to get there.

My disc golf game is the same way.  I can throw almost 400 feet pretty regularly.  I’m happy with that.  I’m comfortable putting from 25 feet and in.  I don’t really care about expanding that to 30.  I’m comfortable with the results that my form gets me.  I’m not heading out with a video camera every day to tweak it.  A lot of parts of my game are just fine in my opinion.

I could take the attitude that my parents instilled and look at every single thing as “it could be better”.  But then I’d be miserable.  Miserable is not an emotion that belongs on the disc golf course.  So I ask you.  Are you making yourself miserable by trying to change something that just doesn’t need changing?

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This little bit of self knowledge, knowing when something is good enough and doesn’t need changing, is huge.  First of all, why spend a lot of time trying to improve something that’s already good?  Second of all, why ignore other things that really do need improvement in order to work on things that don’t?  Are you working on distance when you should be practicing putting?  Are you working on long putts when instead you should be working on getting your approaches closer?  What, exactly, are you spending your time and effort on?  Do you really need to?

We all have plenty of things that we need to get better at.  That’s true in life and in disc golf.  It’s often a matter of working on the right things and finding a way to be happy with the rest that is the key to success.  So remember what Winston said, “When you get a thing the way you want it, leave it alone.”


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