GBO Wrap Up Part 2

Last week I summarized some of the highlights of my trip to Emporia for the Glass Blown Open.  After hitting publish on that post, I realized that I left out a hundred other cool things that happened.  It’s just not an experience that can be described with my mediocre writing skills and have that description … Read more

Wisdom Wednesday – Keep Going

I’m pretty sure that Winston Churchill wasn’t talking about disc golf.  He was most definitely talking about more serious business than throwing plastic in the woods.  But as we’ve talked about again and again, what is true in life is true in disc golf. When I was in Emporia, Kansas a couple of weeks ago, … Read more

Wisdom Wednesday – Be Powerful

When I was a kid, I used to watch GI Joe on TV when I got home from school.  At the end of every episode, they had a little lesson designed to keep us kids out of trouble and on the straight and narrow path.  They always closed each of those shorts with the phrase, “…and … Read more

Wisdom Wednesday – Try Something New

Normally, when I tell a non disc golfer about disc golf, I often get polite yet insincere responses.  Things like, “Oh yeah, I think I’ve seen that before.  It looks like fun.” or “I’ve always wanted to try that, we should go play some time.”.  The problem is that those things never, ever pan out. … Read more

Wisdom Wednesday – Trading Your Days

Stop and think about that for a very long minute. We were given a finite number of days to live.  Regardless of how you view life, you cannot deny that you are only here for a limited amount of time.  We are all worm food at some point. Time is actually our only true wealth in … Read more

Road to the GBO – Why Are You on the Road?

In one week, just 7 days, I’ll be packing the car and heading to Emporia, Kansas for the 13th annual Glass Blown Open. If you’ve been following along on Facebook, you’ve noticed that I’ve been struggling with my performance lately.  Not only have I not been improving as of late, I’ve actually gone backwards in … Read more

Wisdom Wednesday – Take Things As They Are

I still think Bruce Lee would have been one hell of a disc golfer.  It’s amazing how knowing how to be a master of one thing translates directly to knowing how to become a master at many things.  So many of the tenets and principles are the same in all things and carry over from … Read more

Wisdom Wednesday – There Are Two Things

How far have you come? How far have you come in your life?  In your career?  In your schooling?  In your relationships?  In your disc golf game? Our brains have a funny way of moving the goals posts on us and it  happens on a pretty regular basis.  You work and work and work for … Read more

Wisdom Wednesday – Suffer Now

How do I make practice fun?  How do I make training enjoyable?  Both questions have a hidden, underlying, unspoken meaning behind them, “If training/practice isn’t fun, I won’t do it.”.  In the end, if we want to be great at anything, there is a problem with this statement. If you want to be the best at … Read more

Wisdom Wednesday – Your Body is Listening

If you had told me that one day I’d be quoting Naomi Judd in a disc golf blog, I would have laughed at you.  Loudly.  Multiple times.  Then I would have slapped you and told you to come back later when you were talking sense.  But here we are, me quoting Naomi Judd. This one … Read more