Wisdom Wednesday – There Are Two Things

Photo Nov 20, 11 29 14 PM

How far have you come?

How far have you come in your life?  In your career?  In your schooling?  In your relationships?  In your disc golf game?

Our brains have a funny way of moving the goals posts on us and it  happens on a pretty regular basis.  You work and work and work for something and as soon as you get there, your brain says, “That’s great, but you still don’t have….”.  And back on the hamster wheel we jump.

Do you remember when you first started playing disc golf?  How far could you throw?  If you are like most of us, it wasn’t very far. Remember heaving discs way up into the air as hard as you could only to have them fade out hard and land 100 feet left of where you aimed (RHBH players, of course)?  Remember how happy you were the first time you threw a disc and it went 200 feet?

Then what happened?  As soon as you did that, you had to have 250.  When 250 came, the goal was instantly 300.  And on and on it goes.  Some of you, right now, are reading this and you can throw 400+.  And it’s still not enough is it?  Instead of being able to enjoy throwing 400 feet, many of you are on a quest for 425.

It’s great to have goals.  You have to have them to succeed in life.  I am by no means saying not to have them.  What I am saying is to stop and smell the roses.  Once you get what you want, savor it.  Relish the accomplishment and appreciate that you have what you sought.

Whether it’s distance in disc golf, a promotion at work, a degree at school, a solid marriage, or any other worthwhile goal, remember to enjoy it once it’s yours.  Only the wisest among us will remember to do this, but that will make them the happiest among us too.


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