Wisdom Wednesday – Take Things As They Are

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I still think Bruce Lee would have been one hell of a disc golfer.  It’s amazing how knowing how to be a master of one thing translates directly to knowing how to become a master at many things.  So many of the tenets and principles are the same in all things and carry over from one to the next.

While there is no punching and kicking in disc golf (at least I hope that never becomes part of this sport!), we do develop certain “weapons” as we grow within our sport.  We have drives, approaches, thumbers, tomahawks, rollers, putts, and a host of other “punches” and “kicks” that we bring to the course.

It’s knowing when to use those weapons that sometimes poses the biggest challenge.  It’s the same in life as it is in disc golf.  Knowing when to use the right tool for the job is key to succeeding at just about anything.  The funny thing is that what sometimes looks like the right tool turns out to be the wrong one in the end.

It’s important to look at things as they are, not as you wish them to be.  When you are stuck deep in the wood and off the fairway, it might be tempting to power something through the brush and hope for the best.  But the right thing to do is probably to just pitch back out to the fairway and take your stroke.  Take things as they are.

A good way to figure out the right thing to do is to imagine that your best friend is in your situation.  What would you advise them to do?  It’s funny how often we see things for what they really are and give the best advice when we are looking out for someone else.  When it comes to taking care of ourselves, we throw caution to the wind more often than we should.

If you would tell your friend to punch, then you should not kick.  If you would tell your friend to kick, then you should not punch.  Take things as they are.  Use the right tool for the job.  Wishful thinking never helped anyone win much of anything.  It definitely never helped someone put a disc in a basket!


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