Wisdom Wednesday – Get Uncomfortable

I’ve often heard and read the advice to do one thing each day that scares you. Get out of your comfort zone and do the things in life that make you uncomfortable. Force yourself to do things that are hard to do. When you hear interviews with ultra successful people, this is almost always a … Read more

Just the Tip – Learn to Laugh

It seems like every time I play in a tournament, I do something that is totally out of character. Something so dumb that I look back and can’t believe I actually did what I just did. I’m not sure why this happens, but it does. Here’s a short list: Telling my group we were playing … Read more

Wisdom Wednesday – Prepare to Win

It’s true. With very few exceptions, everyone wants to win. In the heat of the battle, everyone exerts their will towards winning. So why doesn’t everyone win? Aside from the fact that there can be only one winner (and only one Highlander too, but that’s a totally different topic), very few people prepare to win. … Read more

Wisdom Wednesday – There is No Failure, Only Feedback

I’ve been lucky enough to get to participate in a couple Zen Disc Golf podcasts. It’s been great and we’ve had some fun conversations. In this week’s episode, the subject came up of what does “doing it right” mean in the first place? Who is to say what is the right or wrong way to … Read more

Wisdom Wednesday – Leave it Alone

Despite what my parents thought when I was a kid, there is such a thing as good enough.  Sometimes things are just fine the way they are.  This might sound obvious, but I need to remind myself of that sometimes. I listen to a lot of podcasts.  Most of the subject matter is typically ways to … Read more

Wisdom Wednesday – Make Your Enemies Your Friends

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Abraham Lincoln didn’t play disc golf.  I haven’t done any research or anything, but I’m going to make that call anyway.  Despite this fact, his advice here applies incredibly well to our sport. How many times do you step up to a shot and … Read more

Just the Tip – Bag Swap

Many of us are quite attached to our discs.  Ask our significant others and they might say our relationship is a bit too close.  Some would even say that we like our discs more than we like them (a possible reason I’m single, I’ll admit).  As a friend of my six year old niece might … Read more

Wisdom Wednesday – What Do You See?

Play with one new person a week this summer.  That’s my goal.  The initial reasoning was just to meet as many new people as I could this year.  The side benefit has been that I’ve seen a crazy assortment of approaches to the game of disc golf.  Today was no different. This morning, I paired up … Read more

Just the Tip – Aim Small, Miss Small

If the guys who train snipers for the military have a piece of advice for me on accuracy, I’m not only going to pay attention, I’m going to take that advice.  Those guys don’t get second chances.  They don’t get to miss.  When the stakes are high and lives are on the line, they follow … Read more

Confidence is a Result

I’ve written a lot about the importance of having confidence.  I wrote a post about the “confidence circle” last week.  I’ve talked about it on my “Mind Over Plastic” segments on the Disc Golf Answer Man podcast.  I’ve made motivational memes on Intagram, Facebook, and Twitter directly referencing confidence.  What I’ve never done, though, is … Read more