Wisdom Wednesday – Suffer Now

How do I make practice fun?  How do I make training enjoyable?  Both questions have a hidden, underlying, unspoken meaning behind them, “If training/practice isn’t fun, I won’t do it.”.  In the end, if we want to be great at anything, there is a problem with this statement. If you want to be the best at … Read more

Road to the GBO – Disc Golf Deadline

3 months straight.  That’s how long I’ve been training daily in an effort to ready myself for the 2015 Glass Blown Open.  I’m slated to arrive in Emporia on April 26, which means I’ve got 6 weeks left to prepare. It’s been 12 weeks of working out, meditating, practicing putting, studying up on the mental … Read more

Wisdom Wednesday – Go Faster

One of the common things you hear from professional athletes in any sport during their second year of playing is that the game has “slowed down”.  They say they can better keep up with the other players and the action on the field. It’s a lot like learning to drive on the highway.  The first … Read more

Wisdom Wednesday – Success is Never Owned

  Life doesn’t let up.  Ever.  I wish sometimes that it did, but it doesn’t.  Sure, there are times when you can carve out a few moments to step back and take a breath.  That’s necessary for progress and for sanity.  But on the whole, you’ll always have to be back at it sooner than … Read more

Wisdom Wednesday – Never Give Up

So many people quit right before they are about to achieve breakout success.  So many people stop just before the finish line.  So many people would be so much further along in their life if they simply had not quit. Have you ever played a round against someone who just would not go away?  That … Read more

Wisdom Wednesday – Progress Not Perfection

Don’t compare your middle to someone else’s end.  That’s not the punchline to a dirty joke, those are words that all of us need to remind ourselves of every once in a while.  This isn’t just a piece of disc golf advice, this is invaluable life advice.  We have a terrible tendency to look at … Read more

Wisdom Wednesday – A Goal Without a Plan

So, it’s 2015.  Another year starts, another season of holidays ends.  A lot of us end our years in the same way.  We overindulge, eat too much, stop going to the gym (if we were even going in the first place), and otherwise slip into what we know is bad behavior simply because “things are … Read more

Wisdom Wednesday – Tomorrow is a New Day

  I’m not actually a big fan of New Year’s resolutions.  Why wait until one particular day of the year to commit to sweeping changes that you know you won’t stick to in the long run any way.  If you were really going to change something, if you really, really wanted to, wouldn’t you have … Read more