Wisdom Wednesday – Go Faster

Photo Feb 07, 11 41 27 AM

One of the common things you hear from professional athletes in any sport during their second year of playing is that the game has “slowed down”.  They say they can better keep up with the other players and the action on the field.

It’s a lot like learning to drive on the highway.  The first few times you pull a car out onto an expressway, it’s hard not to soil yourself just a little.  Thousands of pounds of metal are hurtling past you at speeds that, in your mind, must be highly illegal.  You have to remind yourself to breathe and you need help prying your fingers from the steering wheel later.

Fast forward to 3 weeks later and you’ve got a cup of coffee in one hand, your cell phone in the other, and you’re riding the bumper of the “slow ass” in front of you.  The question is, did the traffic really slow down, or did you just get comfortable going faster?

I went out the other day and played a course I hadn’t played in a while.  In fact, I hadn’t played it in a few years.  I remember having a pretty hard time on some of the holes.  I even remember having to lay up on some of them.  Now, I could almost swear they shortened the course and moved all the baskets closer.  The course was a breeze (easier than it was before anyway).

We all know the course did’t get shorter, we’ve actually gotten better.  Remember this the next time you have trouble with something.  Whether it’s 30 foot putts, 350 foot drives, tunnel shots, or any other disc golf skill, it will get easier for you with time.  The key is not quitting before you get better.  The key is knowing that eventually, you will get faster.


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