Wisdom Wednesday – Success is Never Owned


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Life doesn’t let up.  Ever.  I wish sometimes that it did, but it doesn’t.  Sure, there are times when you can carve out a few moments to step back and take a breath.  That’s necessary for progress and for sanity.  But on the whole, you’ll always have to be back at it sooner than later.  And you usually have make up work to do because of the time you took off.

Right now, a lot of disc golfers in colder climates are “waiting for the season to start”.  That’s code for being too dainty to get outside and play.  Or, it’s code for being too lazy to find a way to at least practice putting inside.

For the casual disc golfer, that’s just fine.  They aren’t looking for “success” as defined by the competitive player.  They are looking for good times on a sunny afternoon with friends and some brew.  And that is awesome.  I wouldn’t ever begrudge someone things like that in their life.  That’s what hobbies are for.

For the competitive disc golfer (or for the competitive person in any field), there is no such thing as an off season.  For us, this isn’t a hobby, it’s an obsession.  I don’t know about you, but I want to be great at my obsession.  All things you want to be great at require daily effort.  There just isn’t a substitute for that.  Despite the current trend today of “hacking” everything, there simply isn’t a short cut for hard work.

There are things in life that all of us just do in passing.  I’m not looking to be a world champion TV watcher, so I don’t put a lot of effort into that.  I’m not looking to be a world class dog trainer, so my dog only knows a handful of tricks.  I’m not looking to be a successful chef, so I don’t end up cooking a lot of 5 star meals (I can cook the shit out of some bacon, though!).

The things I do want to be great at get daily attention and daily work.  I want to be a great writer (long way to go, I know!).  I want to be a great photographer.  I want to be a great uncle and brother and son.  I want to be a great disc golfer.  These are things that get work every day.  What do you want to be great at?


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