Wisdom Wednesday – Never Give Up

Photo Nov 24, 10 30 47 AM

So many people quit right before they are about to achieve breakout success.  So many people stop just before the finish line.  So many people would be so much further along in their life if they simply had not quit.

Have you ever played a round against someone who just would not go away?  That person you know you can never count out until the last disc has been thrown?  The person who scraps and scrapes and claws and fights the entire time?  Just knowing you are playing against someone like that can often put you at a disadvantage.

It kills me when I see people look at the score cards between round 1 and round 2 of a tournament and decide to give up.  “I’m 8 strokes back, I’ll never catch up”,  “That guys a bagger, I can’t win today”, and a myriad of other excuses burst forth from their quitter’s mouth.   The one you have to watch out for is the one who looks at those scores, sees they are 8 back, and starts figuring out how they are going to pick up 9.

So what’s the lesson there?  Be the person who doesn’t quit.  Be that fighter that never gives up.  Play disc golf and approach life like Rocky.  It doesn’t matter how many times life punches you in the face, keep getting back up.  Just the getting up part puts the fear of God into most people.  It leaves them scratching their heads and wondering how you can still be coming at them.

Anyone can quit.  The truly great people in life don’t.  Be one of those truly great people.


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