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Our First Guest Post!

A lot of you have been anxious for me to get to some actual disc recommendations as I slowly plod through the Building the Perfect Bag series. And since I’m probably not going to get there for a bit longer, I asked my good friends over at the Disc Golf Puttheads to serve up some putter recommendations for everyone.

If you aren’t familiar with the Puttheads, you should definitely check them out. Chris and Rodney write a really good blog and are fun to follow on social media as well (check ’em out on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram). Let ’em know what you think of their choices in the comments.

This also marks our first guest post. If you are interested in guest posting here on the Mind Body Disc blog, please see our guest posting guidelines here! Without further blathering, let’s hear from the Puttheads!

7 Putters That All Disc Golfers Should Try

The array of disc golf discs available has exploded into a cornucopia as of late.  It’s always been difficult to prioritize which discs to try and the recent exponential growth has not made it easier.

But don’t worry!  There are people in this world who have taken it upon themselves to make your life just a bit easier by recommending high priority discs to test in your bag.

In our quest to try every disc golf putter ever made we’ve come across some amazing putters and we’ve each chosen 7 that we think every disc golfer should try.  This is not a list of our favorite putters but a list of putters that we think do a good job at representing different categories.  Our hopes are that by trying these putters you’ll be able to identify which disc characteristics are best for your putting game.

High Glide

ChrisDynamic Discs Warden
Incredible glide resulting in a high level of finesse.

RodneyGateway Wizard
Try it on an anhyzer flex line for even more glide.

Chris of the Puttheads cradles his discs lovingly

Chris of the Puttheads cradles his discs lovingly

Low Glide

ChrisKastaplast Berg
Blunt nose, puddle top. Slow, easy to control but can handle power.  Great for approaches.

Rodney: Reptilian Scale
Feels like a wizard, floats like a lead balloon.


ChrisProdiscus Jokeri
Powerful, consistent, and overstable. Also a good wind fighter.

RodneyWestside Discs Shield
Not as overstable as the Scale, but performs nice in moderate winds.


ChrisProdigy PA4
Blunt nose and deep rim.  Low speed, high glide, predictable and gentle fade.

RodneyWestside Discs Swan 1 Reborn
Turns and glides without coming back, even on short approaches.

Rodney intimidating the basket.

Rodney intimidating the basket.


ChrisKastaplast Reko
Low profile, puddle top.  Moderate glide for control, a true workhorse.

RodneyDynamic Discs Classic Blend Judge
I still can’t find a better putter. Classic blend or fuzion plastic make for a better drive and approach.

Driving Putter

ChrisDiscraft Roach
High glide and versatile, also torque resistant.

RodneyDiscmania P3
Consistent fade to keep your drive on target.


Chris: MVP Atom
Incredibly straight, also great for shot shaping.

Rodney: Latitude 64 Pure
Straight, easy to throw, easy to shape shots. A close second for all-around.

But wait, there’s more!  I know, we only said 7, but we decided to throw in two honorable mentions for specific putting styles.



Rodney: Dynamic Discs Classic Hard Judge
Go with the hard plastic for your push putt.


Chris: Discraft Putt’r
Extremely slow and understable, catches a lot of air nose up.

Carry any of these in your own bag?  Think we’ve missed any?  Please let us know!  We’ve got many more putters to test out but we’re determined to try them all and share what we’ve learned.

***Special thanks to the DG Puttheads for this contribution!!! Make sure and check out their blog!

And don’t miss their great new article where they tell you what the best disc golf putter is!

Brothers-in-law Chris and Rodney started the Disc Golf Puttheads in 2015.  They are Michigan disc golfers who throw year round regardless of weather conditions.  The Puttheads are founded on a strong belief in the fundamentals, solid putting in particular.


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