The Environmental Impact of Disc Golf – Guest Post


Leave no Trace…

There is an environmentally safe way to go camping, one in which you leave behind what you find, dispose of waste properly, and generally go out of your way not to disturb the wilderness.

If the “leave no trace” ethos works for camping, shouldn’t it be true for other outdoor activities, like disc golf, as well? Take golf: it’s a beloved, centuries-old sport enjoyed around the world, but it’s also a sport that can have a negative impact on the environment.

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Guest Post | Why Disc Golf is Life

Everyone’s first throw is a bomb straight up into the air that very quickly begins to resemble a duck falling from the sky, reminiscent of the old school NES game Duck Hunt.


But then you step up for your next throw, and if you’re playing with “good” friends, they’ll give you a putter or midrange and tell you to release the disc flat and level to the ground. Then a thing of beauty happens, you’ll witness your disc glide 200+ ft directly towards the basket. It might even do an S curve. And from that moment on, you’re hooked. You’re literally addicted.

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Building the Perfect Bag | 7 Putters You Need to Try

Photo May 27, 11 27 47 PM

Our First Guest Post!

A lot of you have been anxious for me to get to some actual disc recommendations as I slowly plod through the Building the Perfect Bag series. And since I’m probably not going to get there for a bit longer, I asked my good friends over at the Disc Golf Puttheads to serve up some putter recommendations for everyone.

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