Guest Post | Why Disc Golf is Life

Everyone’s first throw is a bomb straight up into the air that very quickly begins to resemble a duck falling from the sky, reminiscent of the old school NES game Duck Hunt.


But then you step up for your next throw, and if you’re playing with “good” friends, they’ll give you a putter or midrange and tell you to release the disc flat and level to the ground. Then a thing of beauty happens, you’ll witness your disc glide 200+ ft directly towards the basket. It might even do an S curve. And from that moment on, you’re hooked. You’re literally addicted.

You play every chance you get. You keep getting better. You find a lost disc or two on the course, you call the number and they tell you thanks but you can keep it. You meet a couple new friends while playing. You buy a new disc that flies perfectly. You make a 100 ft putt. You get your first ace. You lose a disc, but find another one. You take a disc golf road trip with your closest disc buds. You realize that disc golf helped you lose a little weight. You’ve been out in nature everyday this week and feel more centered than ever. Fast forward through life and your living will dictates that your ashes are to be mixed in with the next batch of your favorite disc mold. Or your tombstone is to be in the shape of a basket.

If you’re reading this blog, that tells me that the above series of events is not far from the truth of your obsession with disc golf. When you’re on the course, so many positive things can happen at any given moment that it’s like gambling with the odds stacked in your favor.

But I believe that your love of disc golf is deeper and more primal than you might think. I believe it goes back to the early days of human history when we were hunter gatherers. We traveled in packs, we had a meticulous knowledge of the landscape, our abilities, and our tools. We chased down our prey for long stretches. We admired and idolized the best and most gifted hunters.

The same can be said for disc golf. We team up and travel together, in search of the same prey. The ever elusive chaintaur. In order to get close enough to subdue it, we have to first do a few things. We have to survey the land to find the best path of approach. We have to choose the best plastic weapon for the shot. And we have to use our mind and body to throw the disc flawlessly. And how much do we admire our top pro’s? I would likely get as star struck meeting Will Schusterick as I would Ben Affleck (sorry Will if that’s not a compliment).

When you combine how many fortunate events that can happen to you on the course, with how primal it feels playing disc golf, it’s clear how and why people get hooked so quickly and fall so hard for the sport of disc golf.

Therefore, I’d like to state for the record that the sky is blue, water is wet, and disc golf is life.

Thanks for reading and go grow the sport this weekend!

PS: Just in case you were wondering, yes; the chaintaur is real.

Terass spends more time on the course than in Photoshop.

Terrass spends more time on the course than in Photoshop.

About the author…
Terrass Misher has been a disc golfer for 10+ years and, from day one, has been an avid lover and promoter of the sport. In addition to playing disc golf every day possible, he hosts a networking group for entrepreneurs and small businesses, “The Chicago Entrepreneur Mastermind”

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