Try It, You Might Like It! Part 2

One of my favorite things about big tournaments is a nice sized flymart.  There’s nothing quite like getting to browse and fondle rows and rows of new plastic.  For me, I much prefer buying discs when I can pick them up and check them out first.  If you already have a good stack of back ups for what you already throw, the problem becomes, what to buy?

disc golf discs

Last week, I wrote a post about why it’s important not only not to bash a particular disc maker, but also why it’s important to keep an open mind and try new stuff from new companies.  That left the question of what discs one might want to try.

On Friday, we posted the first half of a list of discs that are worth at least a throw or two on your part.  We didn’t want to keep you waiting too long for the second half of that list.  So for your Monday reading and on line shopping enjoyment, here it is.

Dynamic Discs disc golf discs

The Verdict

What can I say but this is the best over stable mid range I’ve ever thrown.  Super predictable, awesome in the wind, clean release, goes far, and powers down nicely.  This disc is one of the 3 most used in my bag by far.  I see lots of discussions on line about whether or not an over stable mid is even necessary.  I can’t help but think anyone saying one isn’t needed just hasn’t thrown a Verdict.

The Trespass

Reminds me a lot of the Millennium Orion LF, just longer.  Flips up flat, goes straight, always comes back.  With 400 feet of power, it will flip and ride nicely, but always in a nice tight S.  Newer ones will handle a good amount of wind without flipping.  Beat ones will turn on a controlled line and finish flat.  Looking for a new distance driver, but one you can actually control?  The Trespass could be the ticket for you.

Other discs that deserve a try from DD:  Enforcer, Escape, Judge, and Truth.

Latitude 64 disc golf discs

The Pure

The one disc you couldn’t take away from me if you tried.  It’s my putter.  It’s my upshot disc.  It’s what replaced the Tangent in my bag.  I carry 4-5 and wish I could carry more.  It’s shallow for a putter, which turns some people off, but I like a shallow putter.  This disc does anything I want except hold up in a headwind.  260 and in with no wind?  90% of the time, that’s a Pure shot for me.  Looking for a putter to putt, approach, and drive with that just goes straight?  This is it.  Need one that holds a hyper or an anny?  Yep, it’ll do that too.

The Vision

Does anything you want it to.  I’d be lost in the woods without this disc.  The most versatile fairway driver I’ve ever thrown.  It’s also my go to distance driver when line shaping is important.  This disc doesn’t like OAT and requires a smooth clean throw.  It’s almost like a Comet in that respect.  But dialed in, I’ve found nothing better for my straight and under stable fairway driver slot.

Other discs to try from Lat 64: Blitz, Halo, Mercy, Riot, Havoc, River, Saint, Sinus, Striker, Trident, Villain, XXX.


The Tursas

Everyone needs a Tursas.  This really isn’t a try it, you might like it disc.  This is a try it and clear a spot in your bag for it disc.  Like the Comet, you need proper form for this disc to work its magic.  But it is magic.  I remember watching the old Marshall Street DVDs and wondering how in the hell Barry Schultz could throw a Roc perfectly straight for a long way and then have it turn gently at the end of it’s flight and finish right.  Sorcery and black magic was all I could come up with.  Well, up until now, that throw was really only possible with a Roc or Buzzz that had been seasoned to perfection over years of use.  Now that line is available right out of the box with the Tursas.  It’s crazy, throw it with a slight hyzer and it flies just like Barry’s Roc did on those DVDs.

The Giant

Headwinds don’t usually make for great distance throws.  The Giant will change that for you.  20-30 mph headwinds are no issue for this disc.  It just goes forever into a headwind.  Neat thing is it’s a pretty long disc with no wind.  Great for big hyzers and low skip shots.  Broken in, they are money for a main work horse driver.

Other Westside plastic worth trying: King, Northmen, Swan, Stag, Sword, and World.

dga disc golf discs

Blunt Gumbputt

Probably the best warm up disc out there.  Great to play catch with before a round or tournament.  As an approach disc, few discs sit and stick as well as this floppy disc does.  It’s rare that you come across a truly unique golf disc, but this is one of them.

The Breaker

Really nice over stable approach disc.  Reminded me of a Gator or a Drone in flight.  Reliable in the wind.  For me, felt great in my hand and always had a super clean release.  Very forgiving disc too.  A lot of the discs that I’ve recommended need good form to throw well.  The Breaker didn’t get squirrelly on me at all, even with a bad throw.

Other DGA discs worth trying: Hurricane, Rogue, and Squall.

Discmania disc golf discs

The PD (power driver)

First of all, probably the coolest stamp in disc golf.  Not sure why, but I love it.  This disc is very much like the Orion LF and a longer TeeBird.  Nice small rim, but still with great glide and distance.  Flips up flat and rides straight.  Works well in a headwind.  Makes a great all around driver.  Big stability difference between C line and the other plastics, though.  C line is super beefy and lacks the distance the other plastics give.  Need a new main driver?  Give this a try.

The TD (turning driver)

Another great stamp, but who doesn’t like monkeys?  A very shallow disc, but one that does line shaping better than most.  Need it to turn, it will.  Need it to go straight, it will.  Need it to power down well, does that too!  If you are looking for a disc to be able to really work into different lines but don’t have a monster arm, this is a good choice.

Other notables from Discmania:  FD, FD2, PD2, and the P2


Prodigy disc golf discs

The D3

Another pure distance bomber.  Easy to turn over and get to glide for days.  This was the first disc I ever broke 400 feet with (not a common occurrence for me, so always memorable).  I liked the protos better than the production runs as they seemed a bit more stable to me.  You can still find those around.  If you don’t have a huge arm, but are looking for a disc to give you some serious D, this might be it.

The M4

I throw so many new discs that I rarely say “Wow” after throwing one.  The M4 was one of those rare discs.  Super flat, great rim shape, and infinitely workable right out of the box.  The only thing it didn’t do well was wind.  Everything else was spectacular.  This is one of those small handful of discs that actually do hold any line you put on it.  Need a do it all mid? This could very well end your search.

Other Prodigy discs to toss at least once:  D2, F5, M2, PA1, and the X1.


Legacy disc golf discs

The Cannon

The name says it all.  It’s a lot like the Havoc in that you need room for it to do its thing.  Legacy has some great plastic too.  Feels great in the hand.  Really hard not to yell, “BOOM!!!” every time you throw it.  Nice thing is you don’t need a Cannon for an arm to get this disc to cruise for you.  This was the first Legacy disc I tried and I immediately ordered a few more to try after testing this one out.

The Gauge

Point and shoot.  Simple as that.  It’s hard to get a mid range right.  Can it take power, work lines, power down, and not flip if you look at it wrong?  The Gauge is all these.  And again with the great plastic.  Personally, I think Legacy has some of the sweetest feeling plastic out there.  Need a do it all mid that goes where you want it to?  Try out a Gauge.

Other discs that are must tries from Legacy:  Rampage, Clutch, and Patriot.

Gateway disc golf discs

The Wizard

If it wasn’t for the Wizard, I’m not sure that Gateway would even still be around.  One of the best all around putters ever made, the Wizard is legendary.  It’s a lot like a KC Pro Aviar in flight, but available in about 3,000 different plastics.  This is the putter to learn to drive with.  For a putter, it handles wind very well.  It can be thrown far, really far.  If you are looking for a stable to slightly over stable putter that can be thrown in a ton of different situations, the Wizard is one you’ll want to try.

The Spirit

If you are in need of a wind disc, this might be the most overlooked wind disc on the market.  With a pretty wide rim, it’s not for everyone.  For those that don’t mind the rim it’s just a killer headwind disc.  It’s also one of the best skippers out there.  If you play in the midwest or other really windy regions, the Spirit will be a stroke saver on the course.

Other discs worth a try from Gateway:  Samurai, Apache, Element, Blaze, Warlock, and Voodoo.

Hopefully that gives you some idea of discs that might be worth a try next time you are placing an order.  Will everyone like all of them?  Nope.  Some of you might pick up a couple of these discs and hate them.  You might also find a couple you fall in love with.  It’s those one or two you fall in love with that are magical.  The disc that just clicks from throw one.  Here’s to hoping you find at least one of those this season!

What discs did we miss from these companies? If your favorite isn’t represented, let everyone know about it in the comments!


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