Building the Perfect Bag | Your Starting Lineup

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It’s Game Time…

If you’ve ever been to a professional sporting event, you’re familiar with the beginning of every game. It’s when the lights go out, the music goes up, and the teams are introduced to the crowd. Living near Chicago, a die hard sports town, I get the treat of some of the best produced sporting events in the country. My all time favorite and most memorable was, of course, seeing the Chicago Bulls in the early 90’s at the old Chicago stadium.

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Building the Perfect Bag | Addition and Subtraction

Building the Perfect Bag

The Dilemma

In a previous installment of Building the Perfect Bag, we addressed the topic of who does the work, you or the disc. We talked about the necessity of altering both your disc selection and your throw in order to cover all the possible flight lines you might need in a round.

That conclusion naturally leads to the dilemma of how many discs we actually need to carry. If some shots rely on a change in throw while others rely on a change of disc, how do we decide what to carry on any given round? Can you cover all needed flight lines with 3 discs? How about 10? Does it take 30? The real question is where is the balance and how do you find it? Not only that, where is the balance that is appropriate to our own individual game? That’s really where the secret sauce is.

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Building the Perfect Bag | Bad Advice From Wesley Snipes

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A few days ago I played a round with a random person I met on the first tee at my home course. He hadn’t ever played there before, so I figured I’d show him around. My home course is pretty tough with a lot of woods and I like to give a hand to folks playing there for the first time. Normally, that’s not a problem, it’s something I enjoy. But I knew we were in for trouble when I saw him throw his first shot.

It wasn’t his throw that concerned me as much as it was the disc he used. As soon as I saw it emerge from his bag I prayed he didn’t have any more like it. Unfortunately there were a lot of them. Turns out this guy was a big fan of black discs with black stamps. At least half of his discs were this color. This was going to be an issue.

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