Wisdom Wednesday | The Eye Sees Only What the Mind is Prepared to Comprehend

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I love playing tournaments that use safari holes. Playing one hole’s tee to another’s basket is fun and challenging. If done right, it’s a true test of your disc golf skills.

I played in one such tournament last year called the Crazy Beaver. The hardest hole at that tournament required that you throw out of the woods, hit a 40-50’ wide gap about 275’ out, go over a creek, make a 90 degree right hand turn, go another 300’ down the edge of thick brush, to a basket tucked off to the right and down a hill. It was a true par 4.

When we got to that hole, I stepped up, missed that gap, and landed just short of the creek. Not a good start. Another guy in my group, Scott, stands on the tee and points about 40’ above and 75’ to the right of the gap that I aimed at. “I think I can get through there”, he said. I looked up and saw a tiny opening. It was maybe 3’ by 3’. Miss that opening and you are taking no less than a 5 on the hole. Make it and all of a sudden a 3 is a very real possibility.

Scott stepped up without thinking and sailed right through that little hole in the trees. He took a 3. What was interesting is that the guy that went after him went for the same gap. He not only hit it, but also threw a beautiful turnover shot that left him closer to the basket than Scott.

I truly believe that the second guy, if he hadn’t seen what Scott just did, would have gone for the same gap I did. Very few people would have stepped up to that hole and even seen, let alone considered, that tiny hole way up in the trees. It wasn’t until it was proven possible that that second guy could see that gap as a realistic shot.

How many things in life are like that little gap? How many opportunities are we blind to because our mind doesn’t want to believe they are possible?

What are those little gaps in your life? Do you see them or has your mind prevented it?

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