Wisdom Wednesday – When it Snows…

When it snows...

I’m from Colorado. One of my favorite things about Colorado is the weather. Over 300 days of sunshine every year. How can you not love that?

But I don’t just miss the weather. I miss people’s attitudes about the weather. Hot and sunny? Time to go hiking in the mountains! Raining? The fishing will be good tomorrow! 3 feet of snow? Time to go skiing! My Grandfather was one of those people.

No matter what the weather was, people didn’t complain. They saw it as an opportunity to go do something unique to that weather. I love that. Here in Chicago, people are not that way. Here, we complain about everything. It’s too hot. it’s too windy. It’s too cold. It’s too humid. There’s too much snow, too much rain, blah, blah, blah. It really gets to be a bit much.

The funny thing is people look at life the same way. The same exact thing can happen to two people and those people can have two completely different reactions to it. One person’s bad is another person’s blessing. In life, we can either sit around and complain about things or we can make the most of them. Our happiness is completely in our own hands.

This also translates directly to the disc golf course. When we are playing disc golf, we can be upset we shanked a drive, or we can use it as an opportunity to work on our flick roller. We can be disappointed we blew a putt 30 feet past the basket, or we can look at it as an opportunity to practice putting under pressure. We can be mad we had a poor first round in a tournament, or we can look at it as a test of our ability to regain our composure. We can be furious we lost a disc, or we can be happy because now we get to go shopping for new plastic!

We don’t get to control what happens to us on the course, but we do get to control how we react to it.

So how do you react when it snows? Do you stay inside complaining that you can’t get out to the course and play? Or do you grab your snow shoes and hit the course anyway? I can tell you for sure that one of those solutions is a whole lot more fun than the other!

Disc golf in the snow

Look how happy Jay Barrows is! I’m guessing the ace helped!

So remember. When life snows on you, you always have a choice. You can stay inside and cry. Or you can go skiing.

I’ll see you out on the slopes!


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