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So if you haven’t noticed, my posts can get a little long.  I sit down at the keyboard and before I know it I’ve vomited 1,000-2,000 words into my MacBook.  I really appreciate those of you that make it through those long articles.  I also realize that there are many people whose eyes start to glaze over at about 100-200 words.

For those of you out there who can’t make it through those extended posts, I introduce a new weekly series….  Just the Tip.  No long drawn out posts, no extended stories.  Just a quick in and out that will hopefully leave you better than I found you.  Every Monday, tune in for a new tip.

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It might seem weird to talk about hydration when it’s so cold out in so many areas, but it’s the time of year when people seem to forget to hydrate the most.  You aren’t hot, you aren’t sweaty, you don’t think about needing to cool down.  Because of this, you don’t drink enough.

Think about how dry your lips are, how dry your skin is, and how dry your eyes get in the winter.  These should be your reminders to stop and take a drink.  So remember, just because it’s colder than a witches you know what doesn’t mean you should leave the drinks at home.

Stay hydrated, play better, and treat your body right.  You’ll prevent cramps, headaches, and injury.  You’ll think clearer and you’ll have more stamina.  It’ll help you win.

I’ll see you next week with another tip!

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