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The mini marker.  It’s something you are required to have when playing tournaments.  But did you know you are rarely required to actually use it?  For most shots, you are allowed to throw from behind the disc you just threw.

In most cases, this is an advantage.  The rules state that your front foot is required to plant directly behind your marker or disc.  Specifically, that supporting point has to be on a line 30 cm in length extending straight back from the back edge of the disc.

While that 30 cm line is the same size whether using a mini or using the thrown disc to mark your lie, mentally using the full size disc is a much easier target to hit.  Most people’s brain sees the larger disc as a larger target.  It’s just one less thing to worry about.

A side benefit for those of us with bad backs is that if you limit the use of a mini, you almost cut in half the number of times you have to bend over in a round.  For you youngins, that won’t make too much of a difference.  For us old farts, that’s a big deal!

The target on the right just seems easier to hit.

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2 thoughts on “Just the Tip – Marking Your Lie”

    • You are correct! In my effort to keep the post short, I left that out. Basically, the way I remember, is that any time you are moving your mark/lie (taking relief from OB, for example) or any time you are approximating where your lie should be (2 meter rule, etc.) you have to use a mini. Any time you are just playing it where it lies, you can use the disc you threw to mark.

      Hope that helps! Thanks for reading the blog and thanks for the comment!

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