Wisdom Wednesday – There Are No Baskets Online

Photo Dec 10, 6 36 59 PMIronic that someone that writes a blog and posts daily on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook would create this image.  Too often, we get caught up in thinking the answer to our disc golf fix is on line.  In reality, it’s out there.  Out on the course.  In the practice field.  In your garage practicing putting.  It’s really anywhere but in front of a computer.

If I ever found out that all disc golfers had stopped doing disc golf related things online in order to be able to play more, I’d be thrilled.  I wouldn’t think twice about it.  I’d be out there with you.

If we are honest with ourselves, most of us know we have our nose in a screen way too much.  We check email and FaceBook status a million times more than we need to.  We post too much on forums and spend entirely too much time stuck in the quicksand that is Reddit.  We know this and yet we still do it.

I’ve said over and over that one of the things that connects us all as humans in knowing the right thing to do and then not doing it.  It’s insane, but it’s us.  How do we break this habit?  The only way I know how to do it is in baby steps.  One small bit at a time.  So let’s all start now.  Everyone turn off your compu