Just the Tip – Do What Your Mom Told You

Fresh socks after a round will make you feel almost like a super hero!

Regardless of what we thought when we were kids, our Mom’s actually knew what they were talking about. We resisted. We fought. And now we are grown up and regularly say to ourselves , “Oh my God, I’m becoming my Mother!”. Why? Because she was right and now we are old enough to know.

So this week’s tip comes to you from your Mother. Always bring a clean pair of socks. In fact, bring 2.

Keep a pair or two in your car. Thank me and your Mom later.

It’s finally getting warm here in the Chicagoland area. My home course is long. Two rounds out there and I’m pretty much toast. There are very few moments I relish more in my day than when I get back to the car and change into a fresh pair of socks (and usually a different pair of shoes too) both between rounds and when I’m done for the day. I audibly sigh in delight as I slip my feet into the fresh pocket of delightfulness that is a clean, dry pair of socks. It’ll change your whole outlook on life.

That’s it for this week, short and sweet. Oh, and your Mom said to call her and say hi on the way home. She misses you. She also said something about wearing clean underwear, but I’m not getting into that here.


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