Punch Par in the Face

Disc Golf Motivation

One of my readers, Jarrod Job, hit me with this saying the other day. Considering I have my second to last tournament of the year this weekend, I thought it was appropriate.

Since I’ll be spending what little spare time I have getting ready for the tourney, I figured instead of a long post this weekend, I’d just leave this picture right here for you. A little disc golf motivation to get you psyched up for the weekend.

If you are playing in a tournament, I wish you the best of luck. If you are playing with friends may you win with grace and then rub it in a little bit (or a lot). If you are stuck working like I usually am on the weekends, my thoughts are with you.

No matter what you are doing this weekend, remember to punch par in the face. Be better than expected. Perform at your best and above. Make this a weekend to remember!


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