Road to the 2015 GBO – Disc Golf Habits

76 Days to Go. Human beings are creatures of habit.  The things that we’ve always done tend to be the things that we continue to do.  We eat the same meals, usually at the same times.  We get up the same time each day and lay our heads on our pillows at the same time … Read more

Road to the 2015 GBO – 83 Days to Go

I mentioned in one of my Facebook updates this week that I am restricting my reading to sports psychology for the duration of my preparation for the GBO.  I’m really enjoying that decision and I highly recommend that if you play competitively at all you check out at least one book on the subject.  I … Read more

Road to the 2015 GBO – 90 Days to Go

90 days, folks.  That’s 3 months.  A lot can happen in 3 months.  A lot needs to happen.  I’ve got every week planned.  I’ve got all of the needed steps mapped out.  I thought I’d thought of everything.  I was wrong. What I didn’t plan for was margin.  I didn’t plan for “what if”.  I … Read more

Road to the 2015 GBO – 97 Days to Go

Wow, we are officially in the double digits for the countdown.  The GBO is a little over 3 months away and there is still so much to do.  I know I say this every time, but damn this is flying by. I almost feel like I’m behind already. This week I had a realization that … Read more

Road to the 2015 GBO – 104 Days to Go

I’m trying really hard not to burn the wagon.  Really I am.  Let me explain… Pretty soon, the count down calendar goes to double digits.  As I’ve said several times on FaceBook, I can’t believe how quickly this is going.  I’ve officially been on the road to the GBO for a month now.  It was … Read more

Road to the 2015 GBO – 112 Days to Go

It’s been a month since I started down the road to the 2015 GBO.  I can’t believe how fast time is flying by. What, at first, seemed like a lot of time to prepare is becoming shorter and shorter every day.  Before you know it I’ll be packing up the car and dropping the dog … Read more

Road to the 2015 GBO – 119 Days to Go

  Abraham Lincoln once said that if he had 6 hours to chop down a tree, he’d spend the first 4 sharpening the axe.  Abe was a pretty smart guy.  I really don’t think he was talking about chopping down trees and that saying applies to an awful lot of things in life.  The only … Read more

Road to the 2015 GBO – 126 Days to Go

Wow, Christmas has come and gone.  New years is right around the corner.  The 2015 GBO will be here before you know it.  I’ve had more than a few people look at me funny when I tell them I’m training for a tournament that’s 4 months away.  At the rate time is passing lately, that … Read more

Road to the 2015 GBO – 133 Days to Go

  I can’t believe a week has gone by already, but it’s time for the second installment of our new weekly feature, The Road to the 2015 GBO.  If you remember last week’s post, I touched on the first two things I put in place to train and get ready for the Glass Blown Open … Read more

Road to the 2015 GBO – 140 Days to Go

  Almost two months ago, I reserved a hotel room in Emporia, Kansas.  About a month ago, I registered for the 2015 GBO.  About a week ago, I started my preparation. If you happen to live under a rock, the GBO (Glass Blown Open) is one of the biggest disc golf tournaments of the year. … Read more