Avoid This Common Disc Golf Approach Shot Mistake

Last week in our regular Monday disc golf tips post, we talked about the 5 things you should be thinking about when throwing your approach shots. At the end of that post, we hinted that there was one tip that deserved its own post. This week we look at that tip and how it can help you avoid a common disc golf approach shot mistake.

disc golf approach shot in the wind

Flags like this make this aspect of the game a bit easier!

In last week’s post, we focused on trying to get your disc to land as close as possible to the basket. First, your scores will be lower in the long run when you try to land close instead of running at the basket. Second, shorter putts should be easier to make. Shorter putts mean getting up and down more often.

One key to a quality disc golf approach shot

There’s something besides just leaving yourself a short putt that is important. You also want to leave yourself as easy a putt as possible. What else besides distance can impact how easy or hard a putt is? The wind.

When we talk about course management, one of the things that disc golfers have to remember is that the sky is our course. The wind matters as much or even more than the land we play on. If we always keep that in mind, we’ll hopefully find it easier to remember to work with the wind and not fight it.

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Some people prefer headwind putts. Some prefer tail wind putts (that’s me). Some prefer crosswind putts. Regardless of what you prefer, what if every putt was in a wind that was favorable to you.

Make it easier on yourself

Imagine, if tailwind putts are your thing, that you played a round where every putt was in a tailwind! That would be a huge advantage, right? That is totally in your control. It all comes down to your approach shot and where it lands in relation to the wind and the basket.

This brings us to one of the most common mistakes players make when throwing disc golf approach shots. They rarely stop to think about what the wind will be doing on their putt. They usually don’t think about it until it’s too late and they step up and realize they wish they were on the opposite side of the basket!

Last week we talked about 5 aspects of the area around the basket you should think about when throwing approach shots. Now all you have to do is add this 6th one, the wind.

When you step up to throw your approach, take a quick look at the trees and bushes around the basket. Which direction is the wind blowing? Which side of the basket do you want to be putting from? Remember to try to leave yourself the easiest possible putt.

As we head into fall golf, we’ll all see a lot more windy days. Playing in the wind is something we all have to do (I’ve also written posts about driving in the wind and also practicing in the wind if you are interested). Playing with the wind is something we can all choose to do! Making the choice to use the wind to your advantage is a game changer! I guarantee that it will give you an advantage over most of the other players out on the course.



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