Wisdom Wednesday – It’s All in the Journey

Photo Dec 17, 8 33 25 AM


As I prepare for the GBO, I’m continually reminded that I’m in the process of crafting one of my best memories of the 2015 GBO as we speak.  Years from now, when I look back on the experience, I’ll remember the time I put in practicing and preparing.  This time spent getting ready for the tournament will be one of the most memorable parts of the 2015 GBO.

I think that too often we forget to enjoy the doing of a thing in our anticipation of that thing being done.  I used to play a ton of ball golf with my old roommate.  He was always in a hurry.  It was infuriating.  I used to think, “why are you in a hurry to be done?”.  We would be out on these beautiful courses, surrounded by nature, and he couldn’t get to his next shot fast enough.  He’s one of my best friends and I hope that someday he learns to slow down and enjoy life as it happens.

So many of us fall victim to the same thing in every aspect of our life.  We can’t wait to be out of high school, we can’t wait to graduate college, we can’t wait ’til the kids are old enough, we count down to the end of our work day.  We are always looking for completion.

The human brain has a funny way of moving our goal posts, though.  Once we achieve our goal, all of a sudden we want more.  It’s a cruel trick that doesn’t ever allow us to enjoy what we have.  But it can also serve as the reminder that the goal isn’t what is most important.  It’s the journey to that goal where all the satisfaction is derived.

I think that this is especially appropriate during the holidays.  We are so anxious to get to a certain day or days that we become blind to the fact that this is a holiday season.  It’s a solid month of family and giving and thanks and love and friendship and joy.  If we become too focused on the end result, we forget to enjoy that whole month.

For those of you that celebrate Christmas, I want to wish you all a very merry Christmas tomorrow.  Hopefully you’ve enjoyed each and every minute leading up to this day.  I’ll be getting some disc golf in and making the most of my day.  Thank you all for following the blog, I hope you are enjoying each new post and each new moment along the way!

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