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Just the Tip – Keeping Score

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Ever been in a slump?  Just not getting any better?  Disappointed in your scores because they are stagnant or maybe even going the wrong direction?  Try this for a week.

Stop keeping score.  Yep, stop keeping score.  Don’t pretend to do it but try to keep track in the background of your mind.  Just stop thinking about what your score is altogether.  Get back to why you started playing this awesome sport in the first place.  Go out and have fun.

Get out there with different goals for a while.  Chase the perfect flight for a while.  Throw multiple shots on each hole.  Throw a round of rollers only.  Play your course backwards.  Make up a safari course.  Do anything and everything but play rounds for a score.

Remember why we got hooked in the first place.  The beauty of a perfectly thrown disc.  The ring of the chains.  Time outside with friends.  When you first got hooked, you didn’t tell any of your friends about your scores.  Get back to what you did tell them about for a while.  Get back to why you fell in love in the first place.

You’ll be surprised how good that can be for your attitude and your scores.


Make your score card look like this for a week…. Empty.

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