Wisdom Wednesday – Temper Temper

Temper picture and Bruce Lee quote

I’ve written about bag kickers before.  We’ve all played with our share of people that should be attending rageaholics anonymous meetings instead of playing disc golf.  We’ve all seen people completely melt down on the course over seemingly ridiculous things.  A few of these people need professional help.  Most of them, though, only need a little perspective.

First, there is nothing that can possibly happen on a disc golf course that warrants anger.  NOTHING.  You are out there playing a game.  So your little plastic disc didn’t fly where you wanted it to.  Big deal.  Think about that for a minute.  Imagine yourself explaining your day to someone else….

“Yeah, I threw my frisbee, and instead of landing by the basket, it hit a tree and bounced into the woods.  So I screamed and punched the ground and kicked my bag and then fumed silently for an hour.  It ruined my whole day.”

Say that out loud.  It’s ridiculous.  Again, there is NOTHING that could happen while playing disc golf that warrants anger.  It won’t help your game.  It won’t make your disc go any closer to the chains.  It won’t make anyone in your group have a better time.  It won’t do anything but make you miserable and make you look really, really stupid to everyone else.

The best suggestion is to spend some quiet time alone and figure out what you are really mad about.  It certainly can’t be disc golf.  Figure out what has you so on edge that a bad throw or two would cause you to melt down.

[tweetthis]#Discgolf should be your escape from stress and anger, not a way to express it.[/tweetthis]

If you can’t make it through an hour or two of throwing a plastic toy around a park without becoming visibly angry, what happens when actual bad things happen to you?  Does your head just spontaneously explode?  There is no place in this world for a bad temper, and that includes disc golf.


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