Strong From the Ground Up, A Disc Golf Exercise

Back in the Gym

Looking back at my past 200+ posts (yeah, there are over 200 posts to look through here!), I realized that it’s been longer than it should have been since I posted about physical training for disc golf. Considering how much time I spend working out, rehabbing, obsessing over my diet, and otherwise being a health and fitness dork, I should be posting about those things more often. Especially since all of them directly contribute to playing better disc golf!

disc golf exercise

The squat, deadlift, bench press, and military press have been part of my gym routine for years. They are much more effective than doing a ton of smaller isolation exercises. They help build whole body strength and endurance. They allow me to grunt and sweat and otherwise feel manly a few times a week. They also beat the crap out of my body. Especially my back, shoulders, and knees.

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