Squaw Creek Gold Course Guide

Prepare yourself, the beast that is Squaw Creek Gold awaits!!!

So you fancy yourself a disc golfer, huh?  You ache for a challenge.  You are tired of the local pitch and putt.  You’ve gone to the area’s “good” courses and still leave wanting more.  Well, my friend, you need to come play my home course.

Squaw Creek Gold is a Chuck Kennedy designed 18 hole championship level course in Round Lake, IL.  It opened Memorial Day weekend and has been drawing players from far and wide.  You can read a little more about it here.

This course would not exist if it wasn’t for the Discontinuum Disc Golf Club.  Please join and support them here.

This is definitely not a course to play blind.  It will eat your lunch if you try.  Heck, it kicks my ass regularly and I’ve played it as much or more than anyone else around.  In order to make sure that everyone gets as much enjoyment as possible, I put together a photo based course guide.

The guide is a great way to see the course if you can’t come out.  It’s also a great way to prepare yourself for the challenge that awaits.  If you are playing there, make sure to load the mobile version of the guide onto your phone.  It should help you around the course.  All listed distances were laser measured in both directions for accuracy.

If you have any feedback or questions, you can send them to me here.

Without further adieu, I present to you the Squaw Creek DGC Course Guide.

Mobile version (drop box download, use wifi, avg. load time is less than 2 minutes):

Squaw Creek Gold Mobile

The mobile version is highly compressed and about 12mb in size.  It looks great on your phone, but some may want a closer look on their larger screen devices.  The following links are for a page by page, high res, printable version of the guide book.  If you take this to be printed, take all 52 pages and have it printed on both sides of each page.  The layout is designed to flow better that way. If you see a 6’6″ bald guy out there, come over and say hi, maybe we can get a round in!  Enjoy the guide and enjoy the course!

Page 1, Cover

Page 2, inside cover

Page 3, course map

Page 4, hole 1.1

Page 5, hole 1.2

Page 6, hole 2.1

Page 7, hole 2.2

Page 8, hole 3.1

Page 9, hole 3.2

Page 10, hole 4.1

Page 11, hole 4.2

Page 12, hole 5.1

Page 13, hole 5.2

Page 14, hole 6.1

Page 15, hole 6.2

Page 16, hole 7.1

Page 17, hole 7.2

Page 18, hole 7.3

Page 19, hole 7.4

Page 20, hole 8.1

Page 21, hole 8.2

Page 22, hole 9.1

Page 23, hole 9.2

Page 24, hole 10.1

Page 25, hole 10.2

Page 26, hole 11.1

Page 27, hole 11.2

Page 28, hole 11.3

Page 29, hole 11.4

Page 30, hole 12.1

Page 31, hole 12.2

Page 32, hole 13.1

Page 33, hole 13.2

Page 34, hole 13.3

Page 35, hole 13.4

Page 36, hole 14.1

Page 37, hole 14.2

Page 38, hole 15.1

Page 39, hole 15.2

Page 40, hole 15.3

Page 41, hole 15.4

Page 42, hole 16.1

Page 43, hole 16.2

Page 44, hole 16.3

Page 45, hole 16.4

Page 46, hole 17.1

Page 47, hole 17.2

Page 48, hole 18.1

Page 49, hole 18.2

Page 50, hole 18.3

Page 51, hole 18.4

Page 52, back cover

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