MBD Friday Feature Instagram Weekly Finalists 11/6/2015

Here they are for the week ending Friday 11/6/15, your weekly finalists for the Instagram contest we run.

Tag your photos with #mindbodydisc and once a week we pick our favorites. We then showcase those favorites to our over 4300 Instagram fans. Those fans vote with their likes.

The pics with the most likes each week get featured again at the end of the month. Once again the fans vote. The monthly winner gets a dyed disc of their choice.

You get great pics, someone wins a disc, there’s something in it for everyone!

So check ’em out here, but also make sure to check our Insta feed throughout the day and vote for your favorites!

First, the video. Select 720p for best quality, turn on your speakers, dance a little, and enjoy!!!


And here they are individually, click on any image to enlarge to full screen…

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