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So yeah, it’s flipping cold outside around here.  That doesn’t mean we stop playing disc golf, but it does mean that there are certain precautions to be taken to avoid toe amputations and the like.  Hand warmers and layers are standard fare and a good pair of boots is your best friend.

Not only is it cold now, but we finally got some snow.  I love playing in the snow.  Watching the disc skip and blow up clouds of powder always brings a smile to my face.  Spending time in the woods when everything is coated in a fresh coat of white is absolutely beautiful.  Other than lost discs, there is one small problem with snow, though.

It tends to cake up on your discs and freeze there.  If you’ve played in the snow more than a handful of times, you’ve noticed that often times the snow really tends to stick.  Sometimes, it clumps on and just doesn’t want to come off.  You end up scraping your discs like they were the windshield of your car.  Well, there is a solution that will keep this from happening in the first place.

Snow disc

The trick is to let your discs get cold before you play.  The clumping and freezing is caused by discs that are warm to start with.  What happens is the warm disc lands in the snow and the snow that’s touching the disc melts a little.  Then that melted snow, because of the below freezing temps outside, freezes right back up again.  Once this happens a few times, you start to really get some build up on your disc.

If your discs are cold to start with, then the snow doesn’t melt when it touches them and it slides right off.  The next time you are playing in the cold and snow, set your discs outside for a bit before you go play.  Let them cool down and you’ll have a lot less snow to clean off of them as you play.

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